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Dave Fritz's 1994 Ram Photos and details of my 94 2500 set up for offroad camping - on site
Technical Service Bulletins   Service bulletins issued for 1987-2003 Ram trucks
Technical Pages - BR/BE Ram Accessory installation, modifications, repairs, general specs
Technical Pages - DR Ram Accessory installation, modifications, repairs, general specs
Site Information History, what's new, contact information
Gasoline Engine Specs, Common Problems, Repairs, FAQ's, Information (under construction)
Diesel Engine (Still at Specs, Common Problems, Repairs, FAQ's, Information
Links My large collection of links
Photo Gallery Photos sent from Iraq by a friend of mine (no Ram trucks) Iraq photo

WANTED: stolen truck! This W250 brush fire truck was stolen from the Athens WV Fire and Rescue station in 2005. If you have any information about where the fire truck might be or if you see it somewhere, please contact Athens Fire & Rescue (or ki4cy - and I will relay the information). AVFD needs their truck!! Posted Aug 7, 2006 is a companion site to, which became too large to manage. will contain 1994-2002 Ram pickup specifications and data, TSB's, and dealership survey results.All you need to know about real money blackjack:

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