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What's New:

2014, July 07 - Cleaned out old dealer survey pages - all were ouit of date, and the computer that collected new information failed in 2009.

2008 - 2014     I took some time away to travel. The ram pages were not updated.

About the site: is maintained by Dave Fritz as a hobby* and a service to fellow Dodge Ram truck owners. Some of the content from is being moved to this site, and a lot of new tech info is archived on CD to be posted here.

*hobby - n. An activity or pursuit undertaken for pleasure during one's leisure.
NOTE: I only have so much free time available, and this web site is not my only hobby. Please keep that in mind if you wish to complain about how long it takes to get things posted here!

Because I find java scripts, applets, flash pages, pop-ups, cookies, and fancy graphics to be very annoying when I visit other sites, there are none here. All pages are straight html. If you have suggestions about

  • how to improve the site
  • content you would like to see (or better, contribute!)
  • navigation problems / 404 missing page errors

please let me know.  Please understand that I like to travel in my Ram camper, and it may take a week or more for me to read the email (sometimes months for a long trip!).

A special note for dealerships writing to complain about the survey pages. See this page for information about how I would like to address your concerns. I am always willing to work with you to present your side of the story, and to establish a way for your customers to obtain satisfaction. If you send me email, Please try to remain civil, write clearly and intelligently, and spell check your messages. Any threatening correspondence you send to me WILL be posted on your survey page as-is. Send only messages that you would be willing to see posted.

Site History:

Feb 1, 2006 - Site reaching the Bandwidth Quota on a routine basis. Image linking from numerous message boards became such a problem that all "remote image linking" and "image Hotlinking" was been blocked. If you have a specific need to call some of my image files for your web site, contact me - I can make arrangements for you.

July 2, 2005 - moved to Hard Hat Hosting when UCIS closed its hosting service.
October 25, 2003 - moved to a new host service at UCIS.
August 7, 2002 - TSB's moved from
July 26, 2002 - 2001 model info (still under construction) and dealer survey results moved from
July 16, 2002 - first (very limited) content uploaded
July 11, 2002 - goes live with very little content.
Jan 1, 2002    - becomes too large to manage and some content must be moved to a new site. privacy statement

This is a Ram truck technical site featuring Technical Service Bulletins, specifications, and dealership ratings.
This is a Dodge enthusiast's personal web site. It is not affiliated in any way with DaimlerChrysler or Cummins Engine Company.
You may visit DC at these web sites:
  DaimlerChrysler Canada     DaimlerChrysler USA    DaimlerChrysler Mexico.

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