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Sales=Don't Know, Service=Excellent, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
was on the road with my 01 diesel and had a meltdown of the number 5 and 6 piston. Had time to search for Tucson dealers and came across Breck Dodge on the internet and was drawn to them because the specialize in diesels of all brands. They installed new engine for me (had to go back in get it a couple weeks later. Runs like a new one and the cleaned it up so good for me it looked like a new one at no extra charge. True professionals!! Unfortunately I live in Michigan so i cannot use them for regular maintenance--service ect. wish i could find a dealer this good here.
Submitted by: =Herb Andler     herb[a]
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=Sept 04, Date report submitted: Sep 22 00:47:24 EDT 2004

Sales=Don't Know, Service=Avoid, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
I had a safety recall, (#720 vacuum pump check valve), that I checked on my 96 dodge truck. I called the dodge dealership, and they said that it had been done by Breck Dodge in Tucson, however, I could tell by looking that it had not been done. I called and made an appointment at Jim Click dodge to have it done, (even though they didn't believe me that it hadn't been done either), and sure enough, the SAFETY RECALL that Breck Dodge said that they had done, had not been done. In summary, people this is a safety recall that a dealership checked off on, and it turns out that they had only taken the money, and had not done the job. I personally will never do business with this dealership again.
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=July 03, Date report submitted: Feb 6 23:23:50 EST 2004

Sales=Good, Service=Avoid, Parts=Good, bought there=No, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Maybe,
Sales is good. But avoid the service department. It takes them 3-5 days to do repairs that only have a flag time of a couple of hours. I dropped my vehicle off to have some repair work done and the parts where in stock and i was promised i would have my vehicle back in two days at the very latest it took five days before i got my truck back. I don't think anyone in there service department has the slightest idea of what the hell they are doing. Their parts department seems pretty good have had nothing but good experiences with them.
Number of dealership visits=3, Last visit date=1-22-04, Date report submitted: Jan 25 00:41:59 EST 2004

Sales=Don't Know, Service=Avoid, bought there=No, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
I purchased my Ram new in Anchorage Alaska. After moving to Tucson my truck was experiencing poor performance @32,000 miles. It had strange transmission activity at highway speeds with the cruise control on (RPM flux) and spark knock at normal acceleration. The truck had a severe miss, they could not duplicate the tranny problem, and they said the miss was the spark-plugs (I am a mechanic by trade and just pulled cleaned and regapped the plugs), they could not duplicate the up/down shifts at highway speeds (still does this. I cannot find the culprit) and said to fix the knock they would have to de-tune the computer. I refused to have that done, I took the truck home and pulled apart the wires cap rotor etc. and replaced them all, I had 2 wires ohming high and a burned up cap and rotor. The truck runs like a champ less the tranny flux. Any decent shop should have pinpointed these problems. I will never return to these clowns! Stay away from Bill Breck!
joe       jmhaberaf[at]
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=July 02, Date report submitted: Sep 28 17:05:43 EDT 2003

Sales=Don't Know, Service=Avoid, bought there=No,
I was in Tucson on Vacation from Dallas and took my 2001 ram in for the clock spring being out and they refused to fix it when I told them I had to have the truck back the next day and needed a rental car. Then when I went back out in 2002 for vacation they told me over the phone don't bother bringing in your truck for service on the front end because I keep parts in stock and you will not get your truck back for a few weeks,even though I told them the bump stops were touching the A arms in the front and it was pulling severely to the left. Avoid Bill Breck Dodge and if possible Avoid DODGE period.
Number of dealership visits=2, Last visit date=11//24/01 and 12/23/02, Date report submitted: 07 Jan 2003

Sales=Good, Service=Avoid,
Service manager didn't call me about several issues. Vehicle was not serviced properly several times. It takes an average of 3-4 days to get maintenance work done. The service manager says he can't help it that it takes that long because they are short on mechanics. You'd think with the prices they'd charge they'd be able to keep the mechanics paid well enough to show for work. I enjoy my vehicle, but the bad service and problems with this dealer are driving me to find another automaker when I purchase my next ride.
Date report submitted: 14 Jan 2002

Dealership Rating:
Good sales department, good service
Fair sales, fair service
Conflicting or not enough information
Poor Service or Poor Sales Department
Avoid like the plague!!
No Experience / Don't Know
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