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James O'Neal Chrysler-Dodge-Plymouth-Jeep-Eagle, Inc. - Bremen, GA

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Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent, Parts=Excellent, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
Will always return to this dealership when looking for a new vehicle as long as their doors are open. That includes service and repair.
Submitted by: Ray Harton      Rharmc4602[a]
Number of dealership visits=12-21, Last visit date=07-15-08, Date report submitted: Jul 15 07:08:25 EDT 2008

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent, Parts=Excellent, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
Very honest dealer. I'll buy from him again.
Submitted by: Thomas Harold Roth     tcroth2003[a]
Number of dealership visits=two, Last visit date=02-07-08, Date report submitted: Feb 8 19:05:29 EST 2008

Sales=Excellent, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Maybe,
My husband and I purchased two vehicles on the same visit. The salesmen and the finance man really went out of their way to help us. We had a lot of negative equity on one of our vehicles and no other dealership was willing to work with us. The people at James O'Neal were very honest and understanding of our situation. They worked very hard for us and were able to get us in a new vehicle with a lower monthly payment. They really worked for us, not just for "the sale". I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Submitted by: Jennifer Blackstock
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=6/7/05, Date report submitted: Jun 8 16:52:27 EDT 2005

Sales=Don't Know, Service=Excellent, Parts=Excellent, bought there=No, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
The most honest dealership I have dealt with. When checking my 97 Dodge ram 1500 they have been very up front and have not tried to sell me parts or service that my truck did not need.
Number of dealership visits=3, Last visit date=11/04/03, Date report submitted: Nov 5 09:04:12 EST 2003

Sales=Excellent, Service=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No,
I went to about 10 different dealers before I purchased my 2002 3500 Diesel. These guys were great. No pressure, offered Test drive by just whipping out the keys, and they had the best price of anyone. I had a minor electrical prob the first week I had it, and they told me exactly where to look if i wanted to try and fix it myself - - and they were dead on exactly right. I live in Marietta, about 50 miles away, and I wouldn't go anywhere else if I needed service on it. These guys are honest, laidback, and just overall pleasant to deal with. Several other dealerships made me feel like I was some experiment in a marketing class.
Submitted by: Chauncey Hall
Number of dealership visits=NA, Last visit date=NA, Date report submitted: 15 May 2003 11:50

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent,
I have purchased over the years two 3500's. One was a 96 the last one a 99. I have had warranty work as well as trouble shooting. This dealership is 60 miles one way for me but it is worth the extra dive as they will fix the problem. A small dealership but good people. My 96 had many small problems from the factory. The 99 is great, had a cruise control problem no one else could fix they fixed it the first time I took it in. I live near Atlanta and have many dealers to choose from that are closer and I find I waste my time with them. Two dealers less than 10 miles from me. Take it to some one who cares. James O'Neil.
Date report submitted: NA

Dealership Rating:
Good sales department, good service
Fair sales, fair service
Conflicting or not enough information
Poor Service or Poor Sales Department
Avoid like the plague!!
No Experience / Don't Know
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