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Sales=Good, Service=Poor, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Maybe,
I bought a used vehicle from Team Dodge 4/04 that had about 30,000 miles on it. Before I had even gone enough miles or months for an oil change I had an 'engine light' issue. It took a total of 3 trips for them to properly fix the problem: The first time (6/22 & 6/23) it was 'fixed' for 3 days. In order to avoid taking off too much time from work I took it back on 7/5 and waited 5 hours only to be told they had to order parts and I could either come back or leave the vehicle with them. I opted to come back, however, while driving home the RPMs were high and speed low, basically not safe to drive so I had to take it back and leave it with them. It was not communicated properly to me that they were going to provide a rental car, which caused me considerable financial issues, until after my vehicle was fixed and I picked it up. It took them 4 days to get the correct parts and install them. When I picked up my vehicle I was told that they would return my rental for me and pay for it, which didn't happen right away and took much time and effort on my part to get it squared away because neither side bothered to return voice mails. The vehicle only stayed fixed for 1 day. I brought it back a third time that next week and they finally figured out the issue. The next item was an issue with the A/C knob, fan wasn't working on '1', '2', or '3', only '4', it was working at '3' and '4' when I drove it off the lot. I didn't think about it until I had an oil change and my mechanic pointed out to me that they have seen quite a few Jeep Liberties with this issue. So I took it to Team Dodge as it was under warranty. I had to change my appointment several times and it wasn't in the system correctly when I got there. It was a Thursday afternoon appointment and they wouldn't let me wait while they took care of it so I left it with them and had a friend pick me up and take me to work. I got a status the next morning (a Friday) that the parts were in so I took a taxi to work thinking my vehicle would be repaired and they could pick me up that evening. I tried all afternoon to get ahold of my advisor without success. Other people that I talked to couldn't seem to provide me with a status. They were unwilling or unable to provide me with a rental car and didn't seem to care that I was stranded at work. Again, I had to go through financial issues to get a rental car and as I did not trust them to have it ready for me Saturday committed to a weekend rental. I called them Saturday morning and neither my advisor nor my mechanic were in that day. I started calling them again first thing on Monday and throughout the day without much success. When I finally got ahold of my advisor that afternoon he said the parts they ordered didn't fix the problem and new parts would be in on Tuesday. At some point I had left a message for the Customer Service Manager, who neglected to return my call. I was out of money and had to return my rental car so I opted to pick up my vehicle and bring it back at a later date. After having so much trouble contacting the Service Department/my advisor I was a very unhappy camper at this point. The Service Manager was not in so I went and talked to the Sales Manager, who was a very nice person and concerned about the issue, though changed his tune a little when I said it was a warranty issue, however, still tried to help to the best of his ability. He sent me to talk to the Customer Service person who was less than concerned or helpful so I was back at square one. I called the Sales Manager to inquire as to whether the dealership would buy my vehicle back as I was tired of dealing with them. He said he'd get back to me, though didn't think they could do that (I never did get a final answer on that). While apologies are nice, they don't solve the problems. After verifying that the parts were in the next day I tried to set up an appointment for Saturday morning first thing only to be met with resistance by my advisor and I told him to talk to the Customer Service person and, of course, neither one called me back. I then called the Sales Manager again as he was the only one following through and that appeared to be concerned. He called me back and said he was told that Saturdays are 'first come, first served' only. I did not want to miss more work, so I took my chances. I guess I was enough of a squeaky wheel because when I got there on Saturday they had it done in under an hour. My dad works for Daimler Chrysler at the headquarters and he is the main reason I have been loyal to Chrysler, however, if I can't find a decent Service Department there is no point in buying a Chrysler. I am a thoroughly disappointed and dissatisfied customer.
I hope that my comments cause someone to think twice about going to this dealership. Loss of business is probably the only way they will reevaluate how they treat people.
Submitted by: =Cathleen E. Holcomb      tenderidolsfan[a]
Number of dealership visits=6, Last visit date=9/4/04, Date report submitted: Oct 8 15:08:02 EDT 2004

Sales=Good, Service=Poor, bought there=yes, scv_there=yes,
Service department has gone downhill. Fixed my van (a dodge van) improperly. Had to do it again, and were not happy that I'd not pay again. Lose service records (cant find in computer so they don't have to honor their own warranty....but suddenly find again when you bring in your own copy.) Service manager asked that I call him with further concerns. I did. He hung up on me. Not at all pleased. Sales department is great. But avoid servicing your vehicle there.
Number of dealership visits=at least 10, Last visit date=Feb 2003, Date report submitted: 22 Feb 2003 14:24

Sales=Don't Know, Service=Avoid,
Thanks for the insight with regards to Team Dodge of Stn Mtn. I have a Jeep Cherokee due for service when I called Team Dodge I couldn'tít even get through to the service department for at least 24 hrs. After I finally got through I set up an appointment to have my vehicle serviced then I asked to be transferred to the parts dept, would you believe another 2 days have passed and I still canít get through. The guy in parts put me on hold 8 times and never returned to the phone.
Spence      spenc333(at)
Number of dealership visits=2, Last visit date=Dec 2, Date report submitted: 06 Dec 2002

Sales=Good, Service=Avoid,
I spoke with technician before leaving my truck. He said he was 1 of 3 certified to work on the diesel engine. He referred more than once to my 1997 as a 16 valve. I attempted to politely correct him, that my engine is a 12 valve and only 12's and 24's are made, no 16's. He was greatly upset. He also informed me that part of the linkage job we were discussing involved setting my TPS to 1.0 volts. I informed him that I have a 5 spd and a mechanical fuel pump with no TPS. He insisted that I do have a TPS, "even if it is called something else". Needless to say I did not leave the vehicle. And I did raise the hood in order to verify I do not have a TPS on this truck. If he was the intelligent 1 of the 3 God help anyone who leaves their vehicle. I also was met with difficult and aggressive behavior from warranty staff when I raised question about TSB 18-29-97 Rev.A Bucking or jerking (5spd) and replacing certain linkage parts. Their opinion was that TSB information should not be made available to the public. I would like to raise the question to someone higher at Chrysler as to why I was not informed of this obviously common problem and offered the fix free of charge. After all it was such a common problem that not only did they come up with a fix and a TSB, but the TSB itself was Revised at least once. (TSB 18-29-97 rev.A)
Scott Grey     ManitouF(at)
Number of dealership visits=Many, Last visit date=October 2002, Date report submitted: 10 Nov 2002

Sales=Avoid, Service=Poor,
They sold my truck and it had been damaged on there lot, and now I own a truck that had been painted. And they also were very unprofessional the sales mgr was swearing at a customer on my 3000 mile check up and pushed a lady down to the floor in the front of the showroom. I would not send my worst enemy to this place I'm sorry to have been their fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=10/02, Date report submitted: 09 Nov 2002

Sales=Avoid, Service=Don't Know,
Misleading advertising. False advertising. Trickery with "small print" in relation to rebates for lease turn-ins. Abysmal low-ball offers on exchange vehicle. Unpleasant staff (General Manager and Sales Manager).
Date report submitted: 13 Jun 2002

Dealership Rating:
Good sales department, good service
Fair sales, fair service
Conflicting or not enough information
Poor Service or Poor Sales Department
Avoid like the plague!!
Don't Know or No Experience
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