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Larry Reid's White Bear Dodge - White Bear Lake, MN

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Sales=Poor, Service=Fair, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Maybe,
Tried buying a Durango here first- Their first offer for a SLT model was accepted and we signed the contract. SLT was written on the agreement. Two days later our Durango arrived. A Sport model. These list for thousands less than an SLT. The sales guys say that the price offered was for the "sport" model - and even though the contract said SLT - the model number that followed was for a Sport. They then offered us a SLT for $4000 more. Bait and Switch? You be the judge. We then purchased 1 elsewhere- but serviced it at White Bear Dodge. 3 repairs took 7 return trips to the garage.
The last one they called me in - kept truck for two days - and when I went to pick it up, part hadn't been delivered yet. Gotta bring it back. Never called me back when the part arrived. It was out of warranty when they eventually called. Now it cost me $$ to install it. NOT my idea of good sales or service. Nice facility - but needs to step up on quality of service and stop underhanded sales tactics. I'd go elsewhere in the future.
Hope you read this before you go there. Durango is a high maintenance vehicle. Three in our neighborhood- all needed tranny at 75,000. Notice that warranty doesn't go that high. Spend a few extra $$ for GM or Ford.
Submitted by: withheld by request
Number of dealership visits=8, Last visit date=May 22/04, Date report submitted: Aug 11 17:38:09 EDT 2004

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent, Parts=Excellent, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
No comments offered
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=march 2004, Date report submitted: Mar 30 10:44:47 EST 2004

Sales=Avoid, Service=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=No,
Don't bother going if you're a woman. You won't get straight answers or a fair price. I've been in 3 times in the last year, each time they tried to sell me a vehicle I didn't want. Although they were friendly it was obvious I was wasting their time.
Number of dealership visits=3, Last visit date=Feb '03, Date report submitted: 26 Feb 2003 09:07

Sales=Good, Service=Good, Sales went way out of the way to sell us the car. $150 below invoice. Also got us great trade in for old car.
Number of dealership visits=NA, Last visit date=NA, Date report submitted: 05 Jun 2002

Sales=Poor, Service=Avoid, Our experience started out okay, but the more we dealt with White Bear Dodge, the more the disorganization and lack of customer interest became evident. The only redeeming part about our whole experience with them is that we like the vehicle. We will never go back to that dealership (or likely any of the Larry Reid dealerships), and we are advising everyone we know who is in the market for a new car to avoid them also.
Date report submitted: 22 Jan 2002

Sales=Don't Know, Service=Avoid, Had my truck in 4 times for a noise under the hood. Every time, they said something else was wrong and they had fixed it. But I keep bringing it back and getting different excuses on what it is.

Dealership Rating:
Good sales department, good service
Fair sales, fair service
Conflicting or not enough information
Poor Service or Poor Sales Department
Avoid like the plague!!
Don't Know or No Experience
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