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Sales=Don't Know, Service=Excellent, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Maybe,
I would like to thank Jack and the folks in the Service Department at M&L Motors in Lexington, NC for bailing me out of a bad situation. I have a 2003 Ram 2500 Diesel pickup that had a bad ring and pinion. It has 34,000 miles and the problem started a little before 10,000 miles. After several attempts at Finish Line Dodge in Statesville, NC where I purchased this truck,(I have purchased 3 new trucks in 3 years from this dealership chain) I had almost given up on getting the truck repaired. Finally, I took a chance while driving by M&L Motors to see if a mechanic would ride with me in the truck tell me what the noise was. He immediately said "Ring and pinion!" When I asked if there was anything we could do about it, he said he would fix it under warranty, no problem. They called me today March 22, 2005, and said the truck was finished. It was in the shop 1 day! Just who do you think I will shop with when new car fever hits again? Finish Line Dodge is not the place to do business with.
I like the truck. It does what I ask of it and I plan on having another Dodge for my next truck as well.
Submitted by: Steve Long Statesville, NC
Number of dealership visits=1, Date of last visit=03-22-2005, Date report submitted: Mar 24 00:36:03 EST 2005

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent, Parts=Excellent, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
The best dealership I have every encountered and I have purchased over 57 new cars! 6 new cars just from this dealership, including a 97 GTS Viper. I have moved out of state and still call John Cole, my salesman, to get information on new cars.No other dealership can meet the high standards of M&L Motors.
Submitted by: Jeffrey Eimicke    jeimicke[a]
Number of dealership visits=20, Date of last visit=02/04, Date report submitted: Aug 11 19:55:05 EDT 2004

Sales=Excellent, Service=Good, Parts=Good, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
I enjoyed buying all seven of my vehicles at M&L. John Cole was my salesman for each car. Mr. Cole is a great person and has been very helpful. I would buy another car from M&L because Mr. Cole makes it easy.
Number of dealership visits=7, Date of last visit=2002, Date report submitted: May 13 08:11:06 EDT 2004

Sales=Excellent, Service=Fair, Parts=Good, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
The salesmen are nice but the shop foreman is kind of a jerk.
David        theedave1970[a]
Number of dealership visits=numerous, Date of last visit=07/03, Date report submitted: May 6 14:01:13 EDT 2004

Sales=Avoid, Service=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=No,
Sales Department needs a lot of help. Very un-professional. I would like to know where you find the salesmen with the funny last name, he knows who he is Sa-----. Please try to get some good help.
Number of dealership visits=1 two many, Date of last visit=07/03, Date report submitted: 26 Aug 2003 14:53:42

Sales=Poor, Service=Don't Know,
My son bought two new dodge trucks from there, will not return. My husband bought new Dodge dually 3500, will not return. A friend of ours bought a new dodge truck. He said he would take his business to Winston. You have very pore man there.
Number of dealership visits=several, Date of last visit=9-02, Date report submitted: 16 Oct 2002

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent,
Ordered the truck for us at $400 over invoice, did not even ask for a deposit! Very laid back sales department. Parts department gave us a nice discount and made several phone calls about Mopar Performance products. Very knowledgeable. Service department excellent. They get lots of business from the Viper Club - highest volume Viper dealer in NC - but very reasonable and laid back - they sell tons of trucks. Recommended!

Dealership Rating:
Good sales department, good service
Fair sales, fair service
Conflicting or not enough information
Poor Service or Poor Sales Department
Avoid like the plague!!
Don't Know / No Experience
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