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Sales=Poor, Service=Good, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
I bought my first vehicle as a single person there. We got there at 10 am and I had selected a Dodge Nitro within 30 minutes and had test driven it and decided to purchase it. My family got tired of waiting and finally left. I did not sign the paperwork and leave until after 7 pm. They jacked up the price of the car because of my credit score, added a bunch of charges to my vehicle price. I felt completely intimidated but signed the paperwork -- mainly because I did not have a way home and my family was not answering my phone calls to them. I love the Nitro, and the service department has been very efficient about what service I need when I take it in for all scheduled items. I have no problem with the service department. My experience was so bad with sales, that I am having a lawyer review my situation for a possible lawsuit against them for fraud and deceptive trade practices. I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle.
Submitted by: Frances Smith
Number of dealership visits=8, Last visit date=May 2007, Date report submitted: Jun 19 09:50:17 EDT 2009

Sales=Poor, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=No,
David Stanley Dodge is a very bad dealership. They will say anything just to make a sale whether it is true or false. The sales person that sold me my pre owned vehicle told me that because of our military status they we were exempt from certain taxes after I told him we can only afford so much. Come to find out we were not exempt from certain taxes and as a result putting us in a financial difficulty. To top it all off he said he would clean the vehicle since it was still dirty and had not been cleaned from the previous owner and instead sent us off with a dirty car. Over all the service was very poor and all they cared about was making an extra dollar regardless of the problems they created to the customer. The manager Chuck Frizzel will not even return my phone calls to discuss the problem and try to resolve it. Basically they sell you the car and ignore you afterwards. If you are military BEWARE!!!! Do not trust these people or buy from them!!
I bought a 2007 Chevy Equinox from them and overall the vehicle is good just not the dealership.
Submitted by: Jennifer Chambers
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=November 2007, Date report submitted: Mar 20 11:13:02 EDT 2008

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent, Parts=Excellent, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
David Stanley Dodge is great beat everyone else's price on a new dodge.
Submitted by: =elvira
Number of dealership visits=6, Last visit date=09/16/2007, Date report submitted: Sep 18 16:22:33 EDT 2007

Sales=Fair, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=No,
This was my daughter's first experience with buying a car. She is 18 years old. The salesman was new so he treated her pretty well. I went back with her to sign the paperwork. We will admit we made a mistake when we signed the paperwork but tried to rectify it the first chance we could and they would not even attempt to work something out and then we were out and out lied to by the general sales mgr (Chuck). I know we had to accept some of the responsibility but to be lied to was disgusting and the fact that my daughter now has such a sour taste in her mouth with what could have been such a pleasant experience.
She traded in a 2003 Honda Civic that was in really good condition and they gave her $1,500 for it (crazy). I tried to give them $1,500 in cash and get the car back but was told that it was too late, that the car was no longer on the lot, that they did not have a market for foreign cars so they offer them up for sale to other dealers. Surprise, when two days later, the car was in the David Stanley used car lot. Believe me I know alot of people and I have already been telling them about this bad experience.
My daughter absolutely loves the car and is pleased that she bought it. I am just sorry that she had to learn such a experience about how most car sales people are slime buckets.
Submitted by: information not provided
Number of dealership visits=5, Last visit date=10/11/13 Aug 2007, Date report submitted: Aug 19 22:37:21 EDT 2007

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent, Parts=Excellent, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
Great Service! Great Customer Satisfaction! Will buy again, Five Star would recommend.
Submitted by: Withheld by request
Number of dealership visits=5, Last visit date=04/2007, Date report submitted: Apr 9 17:31:38 EDT 2007

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent, Parts=Fair, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
Bought a 2007 Ram QC 1500. I love the truck, the sales staff worked real hard to earn my business and make the best deal possible. I have purchased a total of 5 trucks and 2 cars from DSD so I think I get a little better treatment than the first time buyer from them. Service department has been great to work with.
Submitted by: Shane  osancc71[a]
Number of dealership visits=Several, Last visit date=26 Feb 2007, Date report submitted: Mar 6 10:45:40 EST 2007

Sales=Poor, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
Didn't take the time to ask what I wanted to buy, advise me to go to web site.  truck very good.
Submitted by: Bill Hogue
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=8/14/06, Date report submitted: Aug 14 14:00:19 EDT 2006

Sales=Poor, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
I currently own two Dodge Ram Quad cabs that I bought in California. I saw an ad on TV for an 06 1500 Ram Quad cab for $15688. I called the David Stanley Dodge in Midwest City and spoke to Shane, a salesman who said they had that truck as the sale did not start until 9am that morning. I was at the dealership at 9am and asked for Shane. He was extremely rude so I asked for a manager. The manager gave me another salesman who took me out to look for this truck. He could not find it and said it may have been sold. I asked to speak to the sales manager who suddenly found this truck but could not find the key to it. While waiting for someone to find the key, he decided he didn't like my attitude and would not sell me the truck. I accused him of baiting and switching and told him he didn't even have this truck. He and two other salesman took me outside and showed me the truck but would not sell it to me and even threatened to beat me up for calling them liars! I like my Dodge trucks but would never consider buying anything from David Stanley Dodge. Based on other peoples actual sales experiences with them and the strong arm bait and switch tactics they used with me, I can only conclude that the sales staff at David Stanley Dodge are liars and thugs and seem to be encouraged to be that way by the management.
Submitted by: =Red
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=3/24/06, Date report submitted: Mar 25 06:34:45 EST 2006

Sales=Poor, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Maybe,
Wow, what a bunch of crooks. Sold me an $1275 extended warranty and now will not stand behind it. I am contacting the State Attorney Generals Office about consumer fraud.
I will do everything I can possibly do to tell everyone I know about the horrific experience I have had.
Submitted by: =cdkyle
Number of dealership visits=2, Last visit date=1/11/06, Date report submitted: Jan 11 18:18:50 EST 2006

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent, Parts=Excellent, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buying a truck at David Stanley Dodge was fast and easy. It was a pleasant experience. The price was fair and the service was excellent. The bed of the pickup was scratched, so they gave me a spray in bedliner (line-x). The sales department and service department were very professional. I will buy again at David Stanley Dodge.
Submitted by: Ron & Janet Janousek
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=8-10-05, Date report submitted: Sep 20 10:04:08 EDT 2005

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent, Parts=Fair, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
Just bought my third truck from them. I really enjoyed the experience....again. They still have a few bugs in the parts area but I just order online!
Went from a regular cab to a Quad cab, I love it!
Submitted by: Shane
Number of dealership visits=3, Last visit date=30 May 2005, Date report submitted: Jun 14 21:22:26 EDT 2005

Sales=Poor, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=No,
I went to David Stanley Dodge because my wife, Tracey, saw an advertisement. The ad said "100 to Choose From" for $14,688 for a 2004 Dodge 1500 Quad cab. This started in June 2004. My wife is a paraplegic and wanted another Dodge truck because we already have a 2001 Dodge Quad cab. She also needed it to be an automatic. I called up there and they said they did have them, automatic was no problem. We went up there and the salesman said the truck was sold last Thursday. I asked to see the other 99! He said there wasn't one and the ad car was only for a standard. He also told me that I didn't qualify for the rebates. I thought the rebates were on the truck! I went back up there and spoke to a manager and he told me the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission approved their ads. I wrote the OMVC and he wrote David Stanley and reamed them out. They don't approve ads, the rebates do not apply to the person only the vehicle, and they did not condone with the obvious bait and switch deal they were trying to pull. In July they came out with a new ad. It said 2 years complimentary gas and free bed liner or nerf bars for other than ad vehicles. When I attempted to ask for the 2 years gas and nerf bars they said I couldn't get them because they discounted the truck and normally they roll that into the payments without the buyer knowing about it. I emailed DaimlerChrysler and was told they have no control over what the 5-Star dealerships do, just contact the main office at David Stanley and argue with them, they would put it in their list of complaints though! I thought they would have the final answer for what their 5-Star dealerships do, but I guess not!
Submitted by: Gregory Cummings      GSC_TJC[a]
Number of dealership visits=5, Last visit date=21 Aug 04, Date report submitted: Oct 7 10:50:03 EDT 2004

Sales=Avoid, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No,
Carolyn Thompson       carolyn39kay[a]
David Stanley Dodge in Midwest City, Oklahoma is not the place to purchase a vehicle....We recently bought a 2004 Pickup. The people at David Stanley ripped us off of our trade in and have not stood behind their word...Instead of giving us money for our trade in the guy that pushed the pencil charged us for trading our truck in. My husband went back to the dealership to try to get it straightened out and they were very rude to him and told him that is our tough luck because we had signed all the papers...I will spend all my energy telling every one.. Do not ever, ever go to David Stanley Dodge
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=7-19-03, Date report submitted: May 11 16:15:25 EDT 2004

Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent, Parts=Good, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
I have purchased two trucks from DSD. The first a 2003 5.9 Ram 1500, the second a 2003 5.7 Ram 1500. Both times I feel I was treated really well. Salesman was helpful, Svs Dept has done well, parts dept is a little weak but that is what the internet is for.... I would buy from them again. I have gotten just what I wanted when I wanted it. Guess I must be one of the few.....
Good job guys, keep it up and I will probably buy again.
Submitted by: Shane
Number of dealership visits=Several, Last visit date=120(sic), Date report submitted: Apr 20 18:57:46 EDT 2004

Sales=Poor, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Maybe,
Worst experience of my life. Salesman was contacted prior to our visit to the dealership and asked to identify the vehicles he had in a certain price range and get some rough figures on a trade in. I knew they would not and could not be exact but wanted a ball park figure if all was as described. He agreed and said he would have it ready. When we arrived, 4 days later, he had done nothing. He tried all the tricks. Had us pick the car we wanted and avoided discussing price range or trade in value. After 2 hours of looking at all the different models and options and finally getting to a car we could do business on, much less than what he originally showed us, we agreed on a lease, signed the paperwork, and left with the vehicle. This is where the real problems began. The finance department forgot to have us sign in a certain place and they called and wanted us to come back up to the dealership to sign. It is a 1 1/2 hour drive from our home and they knew this! We agreed to meet half way. Several days later they called and said that the finance company would not accept our p.o. box as an address and they needed to fill out a new application, could we come back up there. We did not so they sent a courier. $weeks into the purchase and we have yet to receive a billing coupon so we could make our payment and had no address or even an account number as it was left off the application copy we had been given. A week later, the bank is calling our house wanting to know where their money is. We finally got that all straightened out and now we still have not received 14 coupons for oil changes that were part of the contract. I have made repeated attempts to contact the dealership and the customer service manager. I finally sent an e-mail and got a response. They said they would fax the warranty form, that we had already filled out once, because it apparently did not get sent in. It has been 10 days and I still have not received this form or had any contact from them. They also insisted that I bring in the customer service questionnaire that we received directly from Dodge. The one that says,"Do Not Take To The Dealer." They insisted that was an error and we needed to fill it out with them because they used it to decide if a salesman got a pay raise. Don't they get paid on commission???? It has been nothing but trouble and I will not buy another vehicle from David Stanley at any of his dealerships.
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=7-19-03, Date report submitted: Oct 31 20:54:28 EST 2003

Sales=Good, Service=Excellent, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes,
david stanley dodge is the finest service department i have ever had my vehicle in. the service was the best ever.
Number of dealership visits=10, Last visit date=09/16/03, Date report submitted: Sep 21 17:22:30 EDT 2003

Sales=Avoid, Service=Avoid, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes,
David Stanley Dodge is the absolute worst place to buy a vehicle, our family will tell everyone we know or talk to not to go there. My dad bought a brand new Dodge diesel there a week ago and it has been hell ever since. There was a list of things they had written down to do to the truck- like tint the windows, put a bug guard on and a few other nick nacks. They told us to bring the truck to them in the morning so they could start on it. The guy told us it would take at least 4 hours to do...well, they didn't get it done that day.We ended up having to drive back to the city the NEXT day around 2:00 thinking we could pick up our truck and go home. Would you believe they "forgot" to go get it out of the garage?... as they were supposed to have it waiting for us at the dealership at 10a.m.!! We were told the garage had closed and they didn't know how to get ahold of the owner.(like we're some idiots or something) When we finally got our truck back almost three days later we saw that they didn't do what they said they were going to do to the truck. My dad asked them about it and they said that they "changed they're mind" on it!!! what kind of business is that? Dad said "you told me you were going to do this" kind of upset, of course, and they said "we don't want to do it, we changed our mind...theres the door-leave." That's the rudest thing I've ever heard of. We should've gone somewhere else to buy a new truck. To anyone thinking of buying a vehicle - Don't ever go to David Stanley Dodge! I wish we wouldn't have. They should've treated us better than that. And now that we've been there we have heard of many other people going there and getting treated the same way. Like $#@*! I don't expect them to be in business much longer being the way they are.
Submitted by: Danielle H.
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=8/2/03, Date report submitted: 07 Aug 2003 02:02:13

Sales=Avoid, Service=Avoid, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No,
Went in in June on a Saturday purchased a 2003 Neon was told all was a go, signed all papers and left with vehicle. Was called on Monday and told that they had found a better deal and was sending a runner with new paperwork to be signed. Went home when runner arrived and signed this then was called from a finance company asking all kinds of question which I answered Honestly. Was called on the following Friday by David Sandley Dodge, and told I did wrong in telling the truth and now they had to find other financing, which they had and I needed to come in on Sat. the 12 of July and sign all this paperwork. We did go in and intended to leave the car had had enough lies and hassles. After talking with 6 different people they had convinced us to resign that the loan was a 100% go now. All I had to do was lie to the lender when they called. Also salesman Greg used some very rude language in this conversation on the phone.
Was called following week July 16 by financial officer and told I had to get insurance on vehicle ASAP, because loan company would not approve until I did, after I was told by my insurance I had 30 days. the loan officer said he wish insurance companies would stop saying that was not true. We were unable to find reasonable insurance called David Stanley on Sat. 19 July and told them to pick up car, due to all the lies and hassles. Talked with Lane, passed to Bill, told him, he said let him check into it and would call me back, NEVER DID!! Called them again 3 p.m. and got the run around again, left my home # for Lane to return call, which he never did.
Submitted by: Hazel Mayville       lilbit4[at]
Number of dealership visits=3, Last visit date=7/12/03, Date report submitted:19 Jul 2003 16:17

Sales=Avoid, Service=Fair, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes,
Saturday 7 June 2003. Test drove a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, drove fine. Showroom model had a bench seat, so salesman stated that except for the seat it is the exact same as the model we test drove. So we chose it instead. During financing they slide across a odometer disclosure showing 5600 miles usage. We balked. General Manager comes in tells us this truck has been only used for commuting, it was taken care of, promises us an extended warranty, and to pay TT&L. Also, we are being rushed to complete paperwork because it's nearly closing time at the dealership. We were not offered to test drive the truck. Truck drives like a dog as soon as we take it off the lot. We find evidence that the truck has been taken "mudding". Alignment is off, battery dead after stop on trip home. Many defects in paint and interior not noted on dealership's discrepancy sheet. Dealership states we have 24 hours to report other defects found but this was impossible since they are closed on Sunday. Monday morning we go to dealership to turn in vehicle for service and to fix defects. Vehicle returned to us Thursday evening 12 June. No service ticket provided even after two requests so we don't know exactly what was done. Defects in paint touched up, door panel with cigarette burn replaced, but truck drives like a dog, alignment still off and brakes are still bad. Dealership tells me that this is a service issue and that Dakotas tend to run rough. Other Dodge dealership looks at engine and states that it runs too rough. We believe that this was not truly a new vehicle and were rushed into this deal. Friday, I call dealership and tell them I don't want this truck. Dealership states that it's too late, financing is complete. I ask for info on finance company and call them, BOA. BOA has no record of loan and states that the loan is not processed. Dealer finance states that customer service doesn't know that internal department at BOA has processed loan and that they have a Contract & Transit report showing funding notification. Dealer financing will not commit to state that they have received funds yet but that they only have a funds notification. Call BOA back and they say that electronics funds transfer may not have yet occurred and that I can request a "Flat Cancellation" that dealership must cancel the deal. To cancel the deal, the dealership must send a "Flat Cancellation" request and pay a $100 fee to BOA's offices in Las Vegas. If they continue to refuse to cancel the deal then BOA's Buyer's Remorse & Fraud department can take action. Also I was told I can send a fax marked URGENT to BOA's Research & Market, Vehicle Finance internal department requesting cessation of financing. I sent the fax to BOA and have a similar version to fax to dealership if & when get their fax number -- does anyone know the number? Also, I will hand deliver this notification to the dealer today, 14 June 2003. Lesson learned: No matter how late it gets, and how much the dealership rushes you, do not take delivery or sign paperwork on a vehicle you haven't test drove thoroughly. Also listen carefully to the engine and tell the salesman to leave the radio off.
Number of dealership visits=4, Last visit date=13 June, Date report submitted: 14 Jun 2003 08:39

Sales=Fair, Service=Excellent, bought there=No, scv_there=Yes,
Service department was outstanding. Took the truck in for oil pressure light. They found a bad oil pump, but continued looking and found additional damage. Replaced the engine with a short block, in addition to replacing the catalytic converter.
salesman for new vehicle too pushy. Kept stringing me along with "let me talk to the business manager". This was after confirming on the phone exactly what I wanted and what I was willing to pay for the new vehicle.
Number of dealership visits=5, Last visit date=nov 2002, Date report submitted: 28 Feb 2003 17:07

Sales=Avoid, Service=Avoid,
First got a car bought out from under me and the sales person. Never should of happened, quote from salesman! Second thing, this is for banks that loan money to David Stanley Dodge in Midwest City. Stop doing business with them. The dealers in used cars tell people to do volunteer repo's. They said never to tell anyone that they tell people, but loan companies need to know they tell people this. Also, the service department will steal things out of your car if you have it in the shop. They did it to me, and never tried to make it right. The finance people do not know how to fill out applications, and I have proof of that on my paper work. (wrong vin #, missing dates, no signatures until after you leave, and much more). And last, the used car's sales manager will screw you and knows he is wrong, and look you right in the eyes and say "dude I'm just selling cars." So as you can see all departments at this car dealership are no good!!! Stay clear, not just because I got screwed, but instead I do not want others to be screwed over like I was. There are to many dealers to buy from, so stay away from David Stanley in Midwest City!!! Signed by a person who cares for the public, not just a upset person!!!
Submitted by: Earl Harrison     earl.harrison<at>
Number of dealership visits=2, Last visit date=9-14-02, Date report submitted: 26 Nov 2002
Sales=Avoid, Service=Avoid,
First of all gave dealer time to stop a loan from going through and one month later realized they did not do that. Instead they called me and ask me why I did not want the car, and then said OK. Should of been end of deal if dealer calls loan company. Why do I say this, because I called the loan company and found out that if they would of called the deal would of been canceled. For the past month I have been trying to talk to someone about the situation, but instead I receive no one call's back, and when I go up to the dealership other sales men hide the guy I am suppose to talk to, or lie and say he is not there. My fiancé and I ask one sells man why we never receive calls back from the man we need to talk to and she says to the sales mans face' "because he has no balls to face us." Sad part about that, it is true. After talking to used cars sells man, and asking him why he did not tell finance the deal fell through, he's saying to us was, "dude I'm just selling car's." I am engaged to get married. I am 33 years old and never married, and have no children of my own. The women I am going to spend the rest of my life with has 4 children, ages 15 months, 7, 15, and 18. After the guy said that to me I looked at him, and said, "you will do anything to make money. That is when he said again, "I'm just selling cars." On top of that they lost (stole) personnel belongings from us. We went back to get our stuff, and they do not have it!!! AVOID THIS PLACE, AND DO TELL OTHERS!!! WHY? Let me leave you with a quote from the dealer of used car's. "DUDE I"M JUST SELLING CARS." What ever it takes to make money is what that quote means. Thanks for your time!!!
Avoid David Stanley Midwest City used cars, and if anyone else gets to speak with Chuck in finance, could you tell him to call Earl, he has tried getting you for the past month!!! Tell him you can do it' grow some ball's.
Submitted by: Earl Harrison     earl.harrison<at>
Number of dealership visits=2, Last visit date=9-14-02, Date submitted: 24 Oct 2002
Sales=Avoid, Service=Don't Know,
Went in on a Sat., night. Did paper work on a car, and had a list of things to be fixed. Told them to keep the car, but they wanted me to take it and bring it back on Mon., to go through service since it had not yet been. Of course Sun., they are closed, so on Monday night I brought it back and they gave me a car to use. I told them to hold the paper work until I knew it was fixed. On that same Mon., night I decided I did not want the car and dropped the car they let me drive back that same Mon., night. The next morning they called and ask why I did not want the car, and I told them why. Now a month later I receive a payment book from a loan place that has already paid David Stanley for a car I do not even have. I feel like this company must be hurting for business to do that to anyone!!!
I have contacted the dealer and I was told they would get back to me. This never should of happened and I hope David Stanley Dodge in Midwest City also knows that it should not have done what it did, and makes this problem right!!!
Submitted by: Earl Harrison     earl.harrison<at>
Number of dealership visits=2, Last visit date=9-14-02, Date submitted: 17 Oct 2002

Sales=Avoid, Service=Avoid,
Lied about a used auto they were trying to sell to me. Wanted to put the wrong oil in my Dodge diesel on a routine oil change. Did not have a new fuel filter, had to order one and requested payment in advance. Had one B\O tire. Dealers refused to adjust for a replacement tire. All wanted to keep the B\O tire. Bought a new tire at a truck stop.
Number of dealership visits=2, Last visit date=8/15/02, Date submitted: 04 Sep 2002

Sales=Avoid, Service=Don't Know,
Sales Manager played the waiting game with me while I tried to keep control of my 2 young kids. Took him over 2 hrs working the numbers. Then he lied to me about a rebate on top of it. Thanks to I came prepared with information. Did not buy a vehicle from them.

Dealership Rating:
Good sales department, good service
Fair sales, fair service
Conflicting or not enough information
Poor Service or Poor Sales Department
Avoid like the plague!!
Don't Know / No Experience
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