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Stetler Dodge - York, PA

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Sales=Excellent, Service=Excellent,
I purchased a 2001 Dakota and was very pleased with the Sale's Management Department for their honesty about their vehicle's and offered a fair market price for my trade. It was a pleasure to make a deal with this dealership because at no time I was pressured into a must buy today or the deal is off or some other person may purchase it. The service department was right on top of things that I wanted corrected and made the correct adjustments. In overall, I am recommending an excellent job in both area's of sales and service. I think the the Stetler Dodge Boy's of York, Pa. should be getting a smiling face for their service.
Dave St.     ds101640[a]
Number of dealership visits=2, Last visit: 4 Dec 2002, Date report submitted: 08 Dec 2002

Sales=Avoid, Service=Avoid, no comments offered
Date report submitted: 26 Mar 2002

Sales=Don't Know, Service=Avoid,
took my 97 Dakota in for a tune up and they gave me a oil change I didn't ask for (just had oil changed 1k ago, I guess they couldn't read the sticker in the window I guess) I also had the check engine light on which they told me was the tranny but after about 2 hours of looking at it all they could tell me was "there is something wrong inside the tranny not working right", they also charged me for 2 qts. of tranny fluid which they said it was low(the level was checked by 4 people the night before and the level was fine. I decided to take to the dealer and pay the high prices expecting to have a knowledgeable tech look at my truck but I expected to much I guess. The rumors of dodges have bad transmission must be true, at least in my case. 5 star service? at least my Saturn dealer washed my car when I had it in for service.

Posted to the TDR: 5 Star Service, My A**!!! You can add D.E Stetler in York, PA to this disgusting group after a recent round I went with them,,Then was told never to bring my business back to them,,Only hope I can tell EVERY friggin owner in this are to AVOID them like the plague.

Dealership Rating:
Good sales department, good service
Fair sales, fair service
Conflicting or not enough information
Poor Service or Poor Sales Department
Avoid like the plague!!
Don't Know / No Experience
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