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Sales=Don't Know, Service=Poor, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Maybe,
My 1999 Dodge Ram Diesel 2500 would not stay in overdrive at 40-45mph. Service Department told me it was the TPS (Throttle Positioning Sensor) and I was charged $590.00 to replace it. I got the truck back and it was not the problem. I asked around and found out sometime there are issues with the electrical connections to the transmission from the PCM. I cleaned every connection from the computer under the hood and reapplied electrical grease and I have not had a problem since. I believe this happened because of the lack of training on the mechanics behalf and the sales rep. All the Mechanic had to do was put a volt meter on the sensor to tell if is was malfunctioning or not and it cost me money. I will take my Diesel truck to the professional Diesel shops from now on. Lesson learned the hard way.
Submitted by: Withheld by request
Number of dealership visits=2, Last visit date=2005, Date report submitted: Oct 5 16:42:51 EDT 2007

Sales=Fair, Service=Poor, Parts=Poor, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=No,
Last July we had taken our Dodge Avenger to Regent Dodge and the service department stated we needed a new battery, in which we purchased and they put it in the car. Now, May, the battery does not work and will not charge at all. The service department stated we must bring the CAR in before they can replace the battery that is under warranty. We can not get the car their since the battery will not charge. We took the battery to the service department and they told us there was nothing they could do without the CAR.
Submitted by: Sharon East
Number of dealership visits=3, Last visit date=6-1-05, Date report submitted: Jun 1 16:41:15 EDT 2005

Sales=Excellent, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=Yes, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
I had to buy a car for commuting purposes and was not looking forward to the experience. The salesman that helped me understood how how felt, he listened and he found just exactly the car that I had asked for with just exactly the options that I wanted. There was no attempt to upsell me to a bigger and better deal. In fact, the dealership went above and beyond the call founding rebates/discounts that I was not even aware of to help lower the price for me. I would recommend this dealership to anyone. Go see Tommy L. if you need a vehicle. Everyone from the sale staff to the financing department was great!
Submitted by: Rannah
Number of dealership visits=2, Last visit date=7/6/04, Date report submitted: Jul 7 13:40:49 EDT 2004

Sales=Poor, Service=Don't Know, Parts=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=No, Buy_DaimlerChrysler_again=Yes,
If you want to get the run-around, go to Regent Dodge. If you want to have the dealer steal the keys to your trade in, go to Regent Dodge. If you want to pay for a bunch of junk you don't need (and probably don't get), go to Regent Dodge. If you want to talk to a salesman that knows nothing about what he's selling, got to Regent Dodge. If you want to be pressured into buying a car you don't even like, go to Regent Dodge. If you like being left sitting alone at a desk for 45 minutes, go to Regent Dodge. If you want to pay too much, go to Regent Dodge. If you want to take seven years to pay for a car, go to Regent Dodge. If you like being lied to, go to Regent Dodge. If you DON'T want or like this stuff, go to Gupton Motors in Springfield. It's only about 15 minutes away from all the lying, stealing, and cheating. I did! And I'm glad I did.
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=April 15, 2004, Date report submitted: Jul 3 23:36:54 EDT 2004

Sales=Avoid, Service=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=No,
I went in to trade my vehicle in for a Truck. I had three different people trying to help me. They tried to get me to lie on my credit application. They let me take the truck home and called me the next day saying that the bank they were going to go through wouldn't finance so I needed to come in and do a new contract with a different finance truck. I called my bank about getting a loan and they said that they would have no problem doing it. I called back and told them I would be there at 12:00pm the next day and to make sure my vehicle was down there waiting on my because I was returning the truck. They did try to jerk me around for about 20 minutes,...I finally got to talk to the manager and explained to him that my attorney said that if I felt pressured or if they would not return my vehicle to just call the cops because I had three days to cancel any contract with them and the cops would handle it from there. They then had my vehicle out there within 5 minutes.
Submitted by: Tiffiany
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=February 23 2003, Date report submitted: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 16:10

Sales=Avoid, Service=Don't Know, bought there=No, scv_there=No,
$500 for paint sealer, $249 handling fee, $189 for window etching. $2000 too low on trade. Why anyone would buy a car or truck here is beyond me!!!
Submitted by: Mike Baldwin
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=6-11-03, Date report submitted: 13 Jun 2003 21:52

Sales=Excellent, Service=Fair, bought there=Yes, scv_there=Yes,
I bought a ram 1500 Quadcab the sales person john was great he answered my concerns and made me feel real good about my purchase. I highly recommend buying a car from John Walters and the great staff at Regent Dodge.
Submitted by: B Gipson
Number of dealership visits=3, Last visit date=05/30/2003, Date report submitted: 06 Jun 2003 21:14

Sales=Poor, Service=Don't Know, bought there=yes, scv_there=No,
Evasive! I have been over there four times this week. Part of this is my fault, I should have read the fine lines, before signing. I would like to know if I can return this truck to the dealership and purchase somewhere else? I heard you had 30 days to return a new vehicle in the state of Tenn., is this true? The sale advertisement was original invoice sale, plus tax title, and registration. This was never posted in the window, I feel like while one person kept me busy the other person took advantage. I was rushed though the signing of papers, do to the sale ended that evening, and other guest were trying to get there deals under wire. I received the tags, they are Davidson county tags, I live in Robertson county. Now I have to take a day off work and get the proper stickers for this truck. The trucks fine, its the dealership I have a problem with, the manager is rude, and has a very unprofessional manner. He yells at everyone, employees and customers. Not good.... If I had taken the time, I would have bought elsewhere. I am a very dissatisfied customer, and I have perfect credit.
Submitted by: Wendell H. Lassiter        Irene_Traughber<AT>
Number of dealership visits=1, Last visit date=Feb. 14, 2003, Date report submitted: 15 Feb 2003 12:52

Dealership Rating:
Good sales department, good service
Fair sales, fair service
Conflicting or not enough information
Poor Service or Poor Sales Department
Avoid like the plague!!
No Experience / Don't Know
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