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Adding A Grover 1605 Air Horn Kit
Make some noise with that truck!

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The Grover 1605 horn kit contains painted brass horns, a small compressor, an air tank, an air solenoid, tubing, fittings, wiring, and a horn button. Sue's kit was purchased from Rickson Truck Accessories. 1605 kit contents

Compressor Installation

First, you must find a large enough mounting area that is protected from weather, heat, and vibration. If the OEM horns under the passenger side battery tray are relocated, the compressor will fit into the protected space formerly occupied by the horns. Installation Details

Compressor mounted in front of battery tray

Air Tank Installation

On a truck the the Quad Cab and six foot bed, the tank easily fits on the passenger side frame rail just behind the cab. This is fairly well protected, and existing frame holes can be used if the tank bracket is drilled on one end. Attach with 1/4x20 stainless steel hardware. Install a 1/4" pipe plug or quick coupling in the unused hole. A piece of foam between the tank and cab floor prevents rattling on rough roads. Tank mounted to frame

Air Horn Installation

I mounted the horn on a bracket attached to the bumper side strut, behind the front bumper on the passenger side. Existing holes in the strut can be used to attach the bracket. Installation photos horn mounted behind bumper

Air Tubing Routing

The air tubing was routed behind the body flange under the cab; tie wraps are used to secure the line. The line is pushed forward through a hole in the frame below the cab. Line follows body flange along bottom of the cab Line enters frame through hole under the cab
Once inside the box frame, the line runs all the way to the front of the truck, then exits the front of the frame horn. IF you are careful (and lucky), the line can be pushed between successive frame holes until it reaches the front. I brought the air line to the horns by routing the line through a hole in the bumper bracket. Line exits frame through hole in bumper bracket
The tubing in the horn kit was just long enough to reach from the tank to the horn solenoid. I needed about 2.5' of additional tubing to run from the compressor to the solenoid. 1/4" plastic tubing is available in many large hardware stores, make sure it can withstand 100 psi.

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