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Air Horns for you Ram!
  Grover air horns - much more satisfying than flipping the bird  

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Face it, the Ram's factory horn is pretty pitiful. To get more output, I installed a pair of "Highway Blaster" conventional electric horns from JC Whitney. They helped a lot, and the OEM horn was just far enough in frequency from the low note of the new pair to create a toothache from the dissonance. The combination of the three electric horns was a major improvement, but lacked punch.

What I really wanted was a set of the horns used on large fire apparatus, but they use a tremendous air volume when they operate. I decided to settle on a dump truck type horn, and while attending the 1999 TDR rally in Columbus, I bought a set of Grover air horns from Rickson Truck Accessories. These horns have great volume at 80 psi, and are not shrill like so many cheap automotive air horns. (They don't play Dixie either.)

My horns are mounted behind the Reunel winch bumper on the driver's side.   In the same space are the solenoid valves for the horn and ARB air-locker, the pressure regulator/air filter for the ARB, an air manifold, and a standard air hose quick coupling. Horns can be mounted behind the OEM bumper as I did with Sue's Ram.


The air solenoid is wired through a relay to the OEM horn button - in parallel with the factory electric horns. The solenoid is less than 8" from the horns, and I never hear the electric horns unless I forget to arm the air system.

Sue did not want a fancy air system on her 2001 Ram (drat!) so the Grover horn kit including a small compressor and tank kit was ordered for her truck. See complete details/photos of that installation.

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