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GTS Headlight Protection Covers

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 To protect my Ram's headlight covers on the gravel Cassiar, Alaska, Denali, and Dalton highways, a pair of GTS clear headlight covers were installed. They simply snap on over the headlights and turn signals, and are almost invisible when installed.  My covers have deflected some significant rocks without damage to the headlights, but they have some dings and scrapes from the encounters.

Installed: 03/05/96, 21805 Mi, 624.3 Hr.   In Feb 2001, one of the covers was broken by an impact of some kind, but the headlamp fixture was spared. Before the next Alaska run, I will replace the covers with a new pair.

Photos of the clear covers on my sidewalk. (front and back view)
cover face
cover rear

The covers simply snap over the lights and are held snugly in place by the black rubber strips.
(Views are looking down from above the fender)
snapping the cover on
almost on

This is with the covers installed. They fit so well you can hardly tell they are there.
The headlight and turn signal/parking light lenses are covered completely.
cover installed

Same View without the covers - not much difference to the eye.
no cover  
For several years, many Rams rode around with black GTS covers installed. They were the "smoke" color and appeared black until the headlights were turned on. People claimed they did not reduce the light available, but I never believed it. VA law says it is illegal to put anything in front of the headlights. but many people used the covers anyway. The inspectors and police must have cracked down recently, because when I tried to find a Ram with them installed (to take a photo), there aren't any around town or on campus. Then I found a photo on the web.
Brad's truck You can see the "smoke" covers over these headlights. 
Photo from Brad Beerman's page

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