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94-02 Dodge Ram Tow Hooks

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Dodge Ram Tow Hooks
Frame mounted hooks from Mopar Accessories
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Installed on my 1994 Ram: 12/06/97, 051315 Mi, 1357.3 Hr

I added the Dodge tow hooks to stiffen the frame mounting of my Reunel winch bumper and provide attachment points for winching and pulling. The factory accessory tow hook has a 1/4 bracket that sandwiched the frame between the hook bracket and the 7/16"  bumper mount bracket.

These hooks are VERY conservatively rated for 5000 pounds, and can take a lot mor that their ratings. The brackets also add five additional bolts to each side of the bumper/frame mounting system.

Mike DiGiovanni's page - two pictures show tow hooks sticking through the air dam.
Steve Belt's tow hook picture - good picture of hooks sticking through the air dam.
Vikki's tow hook pictures - kit photo, air dam photo, installed brackets photo. Link dead, I will repost the photos

Click on the thumbnail pictures for a 640x480 image (approximately 60Kb) or <HI RES> for larger images.
The hooks hide under the winch bumper and are difficult to see unless you "get down"...    The lights folded under the bumper are Hella 220 Fog pattern.

640x480 view from front <HI RES 171Kb>
640x480 view from front <HI RES 153Kb>
640x480 view from side (59Kb)  <HI RES 152Kb>
640x480 view from bottom <HI RES 174Kb>
640x475 truck view from side <HI RES 172Kb>
Subject:    DiRT: Tow Hook Installation
Date:        Sun, 10 Jan 1999 18:34:13 -0500
From:       "Roger J. Nolfe" <>
To:           "DiRT" <>

Wife got me Mopar Tow Hooks for Christmas and I installed on the 98.5 quad 2500 Cummins yesterday.  There may have been some changes to the newer models since the kit directions didn't match up too well with what I had to do.  Anyway, maybe I can save someone else some time.

First thing directions say to do is remove the Air Dam if installed.  I have one and proceded to start removing the Torx screws until I got to the outer end and found it riveted in place with a plastic rivet (both ends).  Decided to try and do the job with the Air Dam in place.  It can be done.

Next...Directions say to remove 3 nuts & bolts that attach bumper and reuse. Mine had captured bolts with a strap between two of them and an arm on the 3d (facilitates tightening during assembly).  In order to put the bracket up, I had to install the captured bolts with the strap in the opposite direction they were in originally.  You'll understand why when you go to do the job.  I suggest putting the two bolts in the bottom of the bracket loosely to hold it in place while you do the above.  (The third bolt hole must be drilled after everything is tight)  BTW, the bumper will drop down about an inch when the capture bolts are removed...don't worry about it, its easy to get it back in place later.

Next is a lever nut that slides through a hole in the side of the frame...except there's a brace already attached there and you can't get the lever nut in without removing the bolt that holds the brace and then sliding the captured nut off the frame.  Once you've got the bolt in the lever nut, leave it loose and put the captured nut for the brace'll probably have to tap it in with a little force, but it will go in.  Tighten the brace back up.  At this point I tightened the two bottom bolts to bring the bracket up against the frame.

Almost there...lift the bumper back up into place...I just used a 2X4 to the right length and wedged it so it lifted the bumper.  Tighten the rest of the bolts.  Drill the 1/2" hole for the last bolt, put the last bolt in and then tackle the other side.

I used a Dremel tool to cut the opening in the Air Dam and it worked very nicely, but I'm sure there are lots of ways to do it neatly.

Finally...attached the hooks to the brackets...looks great!!


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