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Bumper Step for Easy Access Under-Hood
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Geno's item number: 0052       Cost: $40

This ingenious Fold-A-Way bumper step replaces the OEM license plate holder.

step with license plate visible  step folded to the lower position  me standing on the step in the lower position  step folded to the upper position  me standing on the step in the upper position

There are three positions for the bumper step:

I usually work under the hood from a short step ladder in the driveway, but the ladder is not usually available for roadside repairs or car washes. The lower position feels a bit flexy with my 210 pounds standing on it, but it allows me to easily reach the front of the engine, headlight bulbs, and wiring. The upper position is very secure, and from this step I can reach to the windshield wipers with the hood down, and to anywhere under the hood when it is up.

Tools needed for installation:

Optional parts:

Installation Procedure (Total installation time is about 12 minutes):

Remove the two license plate screws with a screwdriver or 3/8" wrench.
Use a screwdriver or 3/8" wrench to remove the four screws holding the license plate frame to the bumper.
Use a screwdriver to pry the plastic screw anchor inserts from the bumper

Use a T-30 driver to remove the two lower fascia screws from the bottom of the bumper.

Insert the bolts from the front and through the second set of holes. I added washers behind the bolt head to spread the load on the plastic step body. Slide the angle brackets over the bolt bodies on the back of the step body.
Place the step on the bumper and slide the bolts through the bumper holes. Install the washers, lock washers, and nuts on the bolt thread and finger tighten.
Install and tighten the T-30 bolts on the lower fascia. Tighten the upper mounting bolts using a screwdriver and 1/2" wrench. After allowing the plastic to deform for a few minutes, re-tighten all bolts.
Make sure the rubber flap behind the bumper is pushed back into place or it will make noise when you are driving.
Install the license plate with the screws and cap nuts provided.


Note: This step will not work on Ram Sport models. I easily installed one on my Reunel bumper.

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