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94-02 Chrome Fuel Door

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Installing a 02-04 Gas Tank Filler Door on a older Model Ram
(It also works on Dakotas)

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1. The first thing is to get a hold of the new style gas tank filler door.
    The Dodge PN for the brushed aluminum is 1-82207715.
Parts box photo
2. Next is to make sure all of the parts are in the box and prep them.
    There is a small washer that is intended for 4-door Dakotas so unless
    you are putting the door on one discard the washer.
Photo of fuel door in box
3. Next you will need to remove the old door. For this you will need a T30 Torx as well
    as a 4mm Allen key. I used     sockets so I also needed a 3/8 ratchet, but if you have the
    screwdriver type you can use those instead.

T30 Torx bit photo  Photo of 4mm allen key socket

4. The next thing you do is remove the 2 T30 screws holding the old door to the body of the truck.

Photo fo OEM fuel door in bed  Photo of fuel door with bolts removed

5. Then you remove the old rubber door stops. Photo of rubber door stop
6. It should now look like this. Photo with fuel door removed
6. Now you take the new doors four (4) bolts and nuts off of the new
    door and align the holes. Make sure you leave all of the nuts loose
    until you have them all started and lined up the way you want.
Photo of chrome fuel door installed
7. Here is a side view with the door open. (Notice the Rams head
    on the door TOO COOL!)
Detail photo of door open
8. Now all you need to do is tighten up the four (4) bolts and you are
Detail photo of door closed
9. Now doesn’t that look a lot better than that old door you used to have?

The ingenuity of some Ram owners always amazes me! This mod is not expensive, looks fantastic, and anyone can
do this with a few simple tools. Thank you for the article Jim!

Jim can be reached at 

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