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2001 Dodge Ram Remote Keyless Entry Operation

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Vehicles equipped with Security have a central locking / unlocking feature. Turn the key in the door lock once to the unlock position and all the doors will lock. Turning the cylinder once in the unlock direction will unlock only that door. Turning the key a second time in the same direction within five seconds (quick double turn) will unlock all the doors.

Power Door Locks - Optional

Doors equipped with power door locks can be locked or unlocked from inside by the lock switches on either of the front doors. Turning the ignition ON will illuminate the power door switches.

Rolling Door Lock - Optional.
This feature is only available on vehicles equipped with Remote Keyless Entry. When this feature is enabled your door lock, will lock automatically if the speed is above 15 mph and both doors have been closed for the past 5 seconds. This feature is shipped enabled, but can be disabled you using the following procedure:

  1. Close all of the doors.
  2. Place the key in the ignition and cycle the key from the OFF position to the ON position for a total of four times ending in the ON position, do not start the engine.
  3. Press the driver's side power door lock switch to lock the doors within 30 seconds.
  4. You will hear a single chime when programming is complete and the automatic door locks feature will be deactivated.
  5. To enable the feature again, follow the above steps again.

Central Locking - Optional
When you turn the key to the lock position on vehicles equipped with central locking all the doors will lock. Turning the key to the unlock position will cause the corresponding door to unlock. Turning the key twice to the unlock position within five seconds will unlock all of the doors.

The same key used to start the vehicle is also used to unlock the doors and glove box. To unlock the doors or glove box, insert the key into the lock and turn.

   Ram Keyless Entry FOB

This system allows you to lock or unlock the doors from distances up to about 25 feet (7 meters) using a hand-held radio transmitter. The transmitter need not be pointed at the vehicle to activate the system.

The Remote Keyless Entry feature controls the door lock / unlock, illuminating entry, and arming/ disarming / triggering of the vehicle Security Alarm System (optional). The Remote Keyless Entry system can be programmed with up to four individual transmitters. The vehicle comes with two transmitters when first shipped to the customer. Please contact your authorized dealer to program additional transmitters for your vehicle, if needed.

To Unlock The Doors:
Press and release the UNLOCK button once to unlock all the doors. The interior lights will come on and remain on for about 30 seconds or until the ignition is turned on.

To Lock The Doors:
Press and release the LOCK button to lock all doors.

NOTE: The keyless entry system also includes a lock inhibit feature which prevents the doors from locking if the power door locks are inadvertently locked while the driver door is open with the key in the ignition or while the headlights are on.

Panic Feature - Optional
The Panic Mode is activated by pressing the PANIC button on the keyless entry transmitter, once, with the ignition OFF. Activating this feature pulses the horn, illuminates and pulses the headlights, and activates the illuminated entry feature of the vehicle. The vehicle is drivable while in Panic Mode.

NOTE: You may need to get closer to the vehicle to cancel the Panic Mode with the key fob. This is due to the noise created by the horn.

Panic Mode is cancelled by depressing the PANIC button again or by driving the vehicle at a speed equal to or greater than 15 mph. You can also wait until Panic Mode expires automatically three minutes after it is activated. The Panic Mode is not tied to the Vehicle Security Alarm System (if equipped). If the alarm system is armed, it will remain armed during the Panic feature activation until properly disarmed using the keyless entry transmitter or the key.

Horn Chirp - Optional
This feature is part of the Remote Keyless Entry system. When en led, this feature generates a single horn chirp when to the doors with the Remote Keyless Entry transmitter feature is shipped enabled, but if desired the feature can be disabled by following these steps:

  1. Place the key in ignition and turn the key to the ON position (do not start the engine.)
  2. Press and hold the UNLOCK button on the transmitter for four to ten seconds.
  3. While the UNLOCK button is pressed, press the LOCK button on the transmitter and then release both buttons.
  4. You will hear a single chime when programming is completed.
  5. To enable the feature again, follow the above steps.

Security Alarm System - Optional
The Vehicle Security System is an option available with the Remote Keyless Entry feature. For vehicles equipped with the Vehicle Security System, the system monitors the vehicle's doors, ignition, and power door lock/ unlock switches to determine if the security alarm should be armed or disarmed, or if an alarm sound should be triggered and the engine disabled. Upon disarming the system, the Tamper Alert feature notifies the driver if the alarm has been triggered since it was last armed by pulsing the horn three times.

NOTE: The security indicator light in the overhead console will be lit for 2 to 3 seconds upon turning the ignition ON, if the Vehicle Security System is properly operating on the vehicle.

To arm the security system, the ignition must be OFF and the key must be removed. The system can be armed in one of the following ways:

That the security system has been properly armed can be verified by looking at the overhead console and seeing the security indicator light flashing after arming. The indicator will flash for about 15 seconds while the system is arming.

The security system can be cancelled within 15 seconds of arming without triggering the alarm in one of the following ways:

Insert the key in the ignition and turn it ON.
Unlock the doors using the key, the keyless entry transmitter, or the power door lock switches.

Disarming the system will stop the security indicator light from flashing.

Once the alarm system is armed, the security system monitors the vehicle for any attempt to break-in. If a break-in is detected, the system pulses the horn, the headlights, and the security indicator continuously while disabling the engine. This alarm will continue until the three-minute time-out interval lapses or the system is disarmed. The system can be disarmed as described above by unlocking the vehicle using the key or the keyless entry transmitter.

The security system will provide a tamper Alert identification to the driver by pulsing the horn three times if an alarm condition occurred since the last time the system was armed. However, the Tamper Alert will not be provided if the system is disarmed during the alarm.

General Information
NOTE: This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

If your remote control fails to operate from a normal distance, check for the following two conditions:

Programming Additional Transmitters
Up to four transmitters can be programmed. When programming a new transmitter, all transmitters intended for use with this vehicle, except the transmitter used to start the programming mode, must be programmed within the 30-second programming mode. To program a transmitter, turn the ignition switch to the ON position with the vehicle stopped. Press and hold the unlock button on a currentlt programmed transmitter for a minimum of four seconds and a maximum of ten seconds. While pressing the unlock buttor, press and release the panic button. Release the unlock button and a single chime will sound. This indicates that the module is in programming mode. Within thirty seconds, press and release the lock or unlock button on all transmitters intended for use with this vehicle except the transmitter used to start the programming mode. Successful programming will be indicated by a single chime.

NOTE: When programming mode is entered, programming is cleared from programmed transmitters and the transmitters will need to be reprogrammed.

Battery Replacement
  The recommended replacement battery is 2016

  1. With the transmitter buttons facing down, use a flat blade to pry the two halves of the transmitter apart. Make sure not to damage the rubber gasket during removal.
  2. Remove and replace the batteries. Avoid touching the new batteries with your fingers. Skin oils may cause battery deterioration. If you touch a battery, clean it with rubbing alcohol.
  3. To assemble the transmitter case, snap the two halves together.

Additional information:

TSB 08-007-02  Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Programming Procedures
Technical description/information from the service manual (pdf)

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