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TSB 08-09-88

FM Radio Noise

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Date: October 24, 1988

Models: 1987.5 (D/AD/W) Truck

1987 1/2 S-Body With SMEC and All 1988 B-C-D-G-H-J-K-L-N- P-S- & W-Bodies With SMEC


FM radio noise when the key is in the "ignition on" Position with the engine not running. The noise will be reduced when the key is turned to the accessory position. The customer may define the noise as lack of reception, or multiple tones, both of which will be most noticeable in areas of weak FM radio signals.


1. Turn the ignition key to the "on" position. Do not start the engine.

2. Tune the radio to an FM station which exhibits interference or noise when the ignition key is in the "on" position.

3. Without changing the FM radio station, turn the ignition key to the "accessory" position.

4. If the radio noise is reduced, turn the ignition key to the "off" position and then disconnect. the 60-way connector from the SMEC. Refer to the respective service-manual for proper procedure.

5. With the SHEC still disconnected, turn the ignition key to the "on" position and check for FM radio noise on the same stations used in Step 2 and Step 3 above.

6. if the FM noise is reduced with the SMEC disconnected and the ignition key in the "on" position, the SMEC is c-ausing the radio noise and should be replaced with the current service replacement part.

Parts Required:

Current Service Replacement Single Module Engine Controller

Repair Procedure: 

The repair procedure involves replacement of the SNEC as outlined in the appropriate service manual.


Policy:    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Time Allowance: Labor Operation No. 08-19-01-95 . . . . . . . . . . 0.4 Hrs.

Failure Code:    58 - Internal Defect


Thanks to Bob Bergevin for supplying the TSB information

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