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TSB 08-11-94

Use of Brake Parts Cleaner on Electrical Connectors

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Date: Feb. 24, 1994

MODELS: 1989- 1993 (AD) Ram Pickup/Ramcharger, 1994 (BR) Ram Pickup

NOTE: All 1989-1994 Dodge/Chrysler models are included in this bulletin. This could easily apply to more recent models as well.


 Some technicians have used Mopar Brake Parts Cleaner for cleaning electrical connectors. This was all right when only one brake parts cleaner was available from Mopar. Currently Mopar offers two different types of brake parts cleaners. DO  NOT USE: P/N 4549623 ON ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS. It is petroleum based and will dissolve the plastic connector material. When cleaning electrical connectors, only use P/N 4318037 or an equivalent that is 1,1,1 Triclor based as they will not harm the plastic.

 Any and all petroleum based chemicals should be prevented from coming in contact with plastic electrical connectors.

Policy:   Information Only

Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this TSB information

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