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TSB 08-65-94

Radio - Poor or No AM Reception

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Date: Nov. 4, 1994

Models: 1994 - 2001 (BR/BE) Ram Truck



Customer my report poor or no AM radio reception. This may be due to internal corrosion in the antenna base and cable assembly.


This bulletin involves the testing and replacement of the radio antenna.

1. Disconnect the antenna cable interconnect located in the right hand side cowl area near the bottom of the HVAC unit in the interior of the vehicle. To disconnect, remove the foam anti-vibratilon tape from the connectors (grasp both ends of the connectors and twist while pulling connectors apart).

2. Using a high quality Digital Volt Ohm Meter, measure the resistance of the cable center conductor to the threaded portion of the base where the antenna mast is attached.

3. Measure the resistance of the outside conductor of the cable to the antenna base mounting nut.

4. A resistance reading higher than 0.2 ohm in step 2 or 3 indicates the need to replace the antenna base and cable assembly, P/N 56006789.

Parts Required:

  1   56006789   Antenna Base & Cable Assembly

Repair Procedure: 

1. Remove antenna mast from antenna body.

2. Remove cap nut using antenna nut wrench C-4816.

3. Remove the antenna base from the fender through the access hole in the inner fender.

4. Remove the antenna cable and great from the hole an the dash panel above the engine control nodule (PCM). Discard the base and cable assembly.

5. Route new base and cable assembly in the same manner as the old one. Be sure grommet is seated in the dash panel hole around the perimeter of the grommet.

6. Insert antenna body through hole in fender.

7. Install adapter making sure tab indexes with opening in fender and antenna body.

8. Install cap nut and torque to 95 Nm (70 in. lbs.).

9. Install rest to antenna body.

10. Inside of vehicle, reconnect the cable from the antenna to the I/P antenna cable making sure a "click" is heard when the connectors are pressed together.

11. Reinstall foam anti-vibration tape.


Policy:    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Labor Operation No: 08-60-05-90 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.3 Hrs.

Failure Code: P8 - New Part


Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this TSB information

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