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TSB 14-05-94

Use of low sulfur diesel fuel

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 Date: April 8, 1994

Models: all 1989+ diesel models


 For 1994, EPA has mandated the use of low sulfur diesel fuels to reduce the particulate emissions from diesel engines

Sulfur in the fuel adds to the lubrication charasteristics of diesel fuel. The new low sulfur fuels are designed to meet these fuel system lubrication requirements without the need for additives. The use of diesel fuel additives to increase the lubricity of the low sulfur fuel is not required or recommended.

The 5.9 diesel engine fuel system is compatible and has been designed to operate with low sulfur diesel fuels. Though the addition of a diesel fuel additive to improve the fuel system lubricity will not damage the 5.9 diesel engine, the use of a fuel system lubrication additive will add an unnecessary expense to the operation of the vehicle and may increase particulate emissions.

The vehicle owner should consider purchasing diesel fuel from a high volume diesel fuel retailer, such as a large truck stop.  Doing so will increase the chances of purchasing diesel fuel which is high in quality and  fresh.

Policy: Information only

Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this TSB information

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