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TSB 21-03-94

PRNDL Alignment

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Date: Mar. 4, 1994

Models: 1994 (BR) Ram Truck

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with 3.9L engines and built before 1/14/94 (MDH 01-14-xx)


Gear indicator on the PRNDL aligns to the right of the 1 and 2 positions.  


Inspect the PRNDL in the 1 and 2 position. If the indicator is misaligned in these positions and aligns in Drive and Park, perform the repair procedure.  


1   52079030   Torque Shaft  


This bulletin involves replacing the transmission gearshift torque shaft.

1.    Place the transmission in park.

2.    Remove the torque shaft and replace it with P/N 52079030 leaving the lock bolt loose on the adjuster.

3.    Pull down on the adjuster rod and tighten the lock bolt to 90 in. lbs. (10 Nm) .

4.    Check the linkage adjustment. The engine should start in Park and Neutral only. If the engine starts in any other gear further adjustment in required.

5.    Adjust the PRNDL indicator.


Policy:    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.


Time Allowance:
Labor Operation No:  21-75-40-90 . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . 0. 5 Hrs.

Failure Code:  P8 - New Part 

Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this TSB information

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