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TSB 23-68-94

Glue Oozes Out at Backlight or Windshield Moulding

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MODELS: 1994 - 1995 (BR) Ram Truck

symptom:  A sticky clear to light brown material (hot melt glue) seeps out of the edge of the backlight and/or windshield moulding and  collects at the bottom corners of the mouldings. The material could also be seeping into the trunk drain trough. The hot melt  glue is used as an aid during vehicle assembly and has no effect on the structural or sealing integrity of the vehicle. After a  period of time the hot melt glue reacts with the backlight and/or windshield mouldings and causes the hot melt glue to melt  at a lower temperature thus running down the sides of the glass to the bottom of the moulding.

diagnosis: Visually inspect the lower corners of the backlight and windshield moldings. If the hot melt glue is visible,
 perform the repair procedure.

parts: AR 4318067 Solvent, Mopar Concentrated Windshield Washer

procedure:  This bulletin involves removal of the hot melt glue from the backlight and/or windshield glass and moulding.

Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this TSB information

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