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TSB 07-04-95

Automatic Transmission Auxiliary cooling Package

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Date: Sep. 8, 1995

Models: 1994 - 1995 (BR/BE) Ram Truck



This package is intended for use when the vehicle is operated with moderate to high loads and or large cargo box frontal areas, at or near GVWR (Gross Vehicle weight Rating). The package is required if the following conditions are present:

Parts Required:

Ram Truck 5.2L
Qty. Part No. Description
1 52027525 Cooler, Auxiliary Transmission
2 52027991 Bracket, Auto Transmission Cooler Mounting Upper
3 6502064 Bolt, Auto Transmission Cooler mounting
Ram Truck 5.9L
Qty. Part No. Description
1 52027525 Cooler, Auxiliary Transmission
1 52027710 Drive, Viscous Fan
2 52027991 Bracket, Auto Transmission Cooler Mounting Upper
3 6502064 Bolt, Auto Transmission Cooler mounting

Repair Procedure: 

This bulletin involves the installation of an auxiliary transmission cooler for 5.2L and 5.9L equipped vehicles. The 5.9L equipped vehicle will also require a new viscous fan drive.

1. Disconnect negative battery cable.

2. Drain cooling system.

3. Place a drain pan under the cooler lines.

4. Disconnect the two transmission cooler line quick connect fittings at the radiator. Plug cooler lines to prevent oil leakage.

5. Disconnect the cooler quick connect fittings at the transmission cooler line.

6. Disconnect the windshield washer reservoir tank at the fan shroud.

7. Remove the rubber shield at right side of the radiator. The shield is held with plastic clips.

8. Remove the two radiator upper mounting bolts.

9. Position the upper part of radiator towards the engine.

10. Attach the auxiliary cooler assembly (P/N 52027525) to the A- shaped radiator support bracket using the two upper mounting bolts and mounting straps. Install the bolts but do not tighten at this time. Figure 1.

11. Install the radiator support bracket and cooler (as an assembly) to the vehicle.

12. Install the two lower radiator A-shaped support bracket bolts. Do not tighten bolts at this time.

13. Slide and position the auxiliary cooler on the A-shaped bracket until its lower mounting holes line up with the bolt hole on the vehicle body. Torque the cooler mounting strap bolts to 6 Nm (50 in.lbs).

14. Install the upper radiator A-shaped support bracket bolt. Torque all three radiator support bracket mounting bolts to 11 Nm (95 in.lbs.).

15. Install the two radiator upper mounting bolts and torque to 11 NM (95 in.lbs.).

16. Install windshield washer reservoir tank.

17. Install rubber shield to radiator.

18. Remove the intermediate transmission tube coming from the upper right hand side of the radiator. Disconnect at the tube nut and discard.

19. Connect the pressure line coming from the transmission into the upper line of the auxiliary cooler. Figure 2

20. Connect the return line coming to the transmission to the lower port of the radiator. Figure 2

21. Connect the lower line of the auxiliary cooler to the tube nut. The intermediate transmission tube was previously connected at this position. Figure 2

22. Fill the cooling system.

23. On 5.9L equipped vehicles the viscous fan drive should be replaced with P/N 52027710 before proceeding. Refer to 1995 Ram Truck Service Manual (Publication Number 81-370-5108) page 7-46 to 7-47.

24. Connect negative battery cable.

25. Start the engine and check all fittings for leaks.

26. Check automatic transmission fluid and fill as needed.


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Thanks to Barry Drodge for supplying the TSB information

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