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TSB 08-16-95 Rev. A

Speed Control Overshoot /Undershoot During Initial Set Speed Selection

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DATE: Oct, 16, 1995

MODELS:  1994 - 1996 (BR) Ram Pickup

1989 - 1993 (AD) Ram Pickup/Ramcharger
1994 - 1996 (BR) Ram Pickup
1989-1996    All other Chrysler models


If the vehicle operator repeatedly presses and releases the SET button with their foot off of the accelerator (a "lift foot set" to begin speed control operation), the vehicle may accelerate and exceed the desired set speed by up to 5 MPH (8 km/in) and then decelerate to less than the desired set speed before finally achieving the desired set speed.

 The speed control has an adaptive strategy (ability to learn) that compensates for vehicle-to-vehicle variations in speed control cable lengths. When the speed control is set with the vehicle operators foot off of the accelerator pedal, the speed control "thinks" there is excessive speed control cable slack and adapts (learns). If "lift foot sets" are continually used, the speed control overshoot/undershoot condition will develop.

 To "unlearn" the overshoot/undershoot condition, the vehicle operator has to press and release the SET button while maintaining the desired set speed with the accelerator pedal (not decelerating or accelerating), and then turn the speed control switch to the OFF position (or press the CANCEL button, if equipped) after the speed control has been engaged for 10 seconds or longer. This procedure must be performed approximately 10-15 times to completely unlearn the overshoot/undershoot condition.

 If the speed control operation procedure outlined in the Owners Manual is followed, the overshoot/undershoot condition will not occur. Please review the proper set procedure with the vehicle operator.

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