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TSB 21-13-96

Buzz or clatter from the transfer case.

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 This bulletin Superseded by TSB 21-12-97
This TSB should be removed from files, but I left it for those who are out of warranty and want to keep trying things until the problem is solved.

Models: 1994-1996 diesel 2500 4x4, 3500 4x4


Buzz or clatter from the transfer case. A summary is that the lever passes through a bracket with a plastic liner to prevent the lever from hitting the bracket.  The liner does move in time and the result is the buzz or rattle is the sound result.


The TSB is for Cummins equipped 4X4, but I would suspect the gas 4X4 are pretty much the same.  Locate the TSB and decide.

Bob Bergevin

See Also Transfer Case Shifter Noise Cures for a couple of DIY fixes people have used.

Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this TSB information

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