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TSB 08-21-97

No Start - Engine Failed To Crank

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Date: May 23, 1997

Models: All 94-97 BR models

1994 - 1997 (AS) Ram Van/Wagon
1994 - 1997 (AN) Dakota
1994 - 1997 (BR) Ram Truck


Engine did not crank over when the ignition is placed in the START position.


Refer to the appropriate 1997 Service Manual in Group BB under the Diagnosis And Testing section for proper diagnosis of the starter motor's electrical circuit using the procedures outlined in the Feed Circuit Test.

If while performing the Feed Circuit Test you identify a loose connection at the B+ terminal of the solenoid, re-tighten the B+ nut on the starter solenoid to 13.5 Nm (120 in. lbs.) before replacing the starter motor or battery cable.


POLICY: Information Only

Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this TSB information

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