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TSB 08-22-97 Rev A

Inoperative Speed Control

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Date: July 11, 1997

Supersedes TSB 08-22-97 Which should be removed from files. Battery part numbers and hold down bolt torque specifications have been revised.

Models: 1996 and 1997 BR trucks gas and diesel:

Speed control is inoperative or intermittent due to vacuum supply hose that is loose, leaking, or deteriorated.

Perform the speed control diagnosis as outlined in the 97 service manual page 8H-2. If the cause is a leaking vacuum hose at the speed control servo located under the battery (s) due to battery acid on the servo hose, perform the repair procedure.


1             05003576AA      Gasket, Battery temperature sensor
AR(1)     52078320            vacuum hose, V6, V8 Gas engine speed control
AR(1)     52078323            vacuum hose, diesel engine, V10 Gas engine speed control
AR(1)     04713921            Battery, 600 CCA
AR(1)     04713923            Battery, 810 CCA

Repair: Install a gasket between the battery tray and the battery temperature sensor (BTS) to prevent battery acid from dripping onto the speed control servo vacuum hose, replace the battery.

  1. Record Radio station presets
  2. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable(s).
  3. Disconnect the positive battery cable.
  4. Remove the battery hold down (Fig 1) and remove the battery from the vehicle.
  5. Detach the BTS pigtail connector with the plastic fastener (Christmas tree) from the battery tray.
  6. Disconnect sensor pigtail harness from the engine wire harness.
  7. Using a sharp pick or screwdriver, remove the plastic fastener (Christmas tree) clip from the pigtail connector.
  8. Remove BTS from the battery tray.
  9. Remove the metal washer from the BTS and discard the washer.
  10. Clean the area around the BTS attachment hole. Then remove the paper protector from the adhesive of the BTS foam gasket and install the gasket onto the battery tray, placing the adhesive side of the gasket on the battery tray.
  11. Feed the sensor's pigtail harness through the mounting hole in the top of the battery tray and press the sensor until it snaps into place.
  12. Install the plastic fastener (Christmas tree) clip onto the pigtail harness.
  13. Connect the pigtail harness and attach the plastic fastener (Christmas tree) onto the battery tray.
  14. Disconnect the speed control vacuum hose from the fitting at the engine.
  15. Pull the speed control vacuum hose out of the mesh sheathing.
  16. Remove the speed control vacuum hose from the speed control servo.
  17. Slide the new speed control vacuum hose through the mesh sheathing and attach the nipple onto the fitting at the engine.
  18. Position the new battery (replace the 600 CCA batteries and upgrade 740 CCA batteries to 810 CCA) in the tray. Ensure that the positive and negative terminal posts are positioned correctly.  The cable terminal clamps must reach the battery posts without stretching the cables.
  19. Loosely install the battery hold down hardware. Ensure that the battery base is correctly positioned in the tray, then tighten the hold down bolts to 35 in-lbs (4.2 Nm).
  20. Install and tighten the battery positive cable terminal clamp. Then install and tighten the negative cable(s). Tighten the cable terminal clamp bolts to 75 in-lbs (8.5 Nm).
  21. Reset the radio stations and clock.
  22. Set the radio frequencies to the stations recorded in step one and reset the clock.


POLICY: Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Labor Operation No:   4-20-20-91 .........0.5 Hrs.


Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this TSB information

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