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TSB 14-07-97

Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Tampering

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Date: Jul. 18, 1997

Models: 1994 -1997 (BR) Diesel Ram Truck


There are only a few items on the pump that are serviceable (low idle adjustment, timing adjustment, throttle linkage adjustment, and air bleed procedures). Any other adjustments or modifications are considered tampering. Tampered injection pumps are not warrantable. The policy that applies to this subject is covered under Warranty Bulletin D- 96-04 dated January, 1996. Before a technician replaces a pump, an inspection of the pump should be made to check for possible tampering. If tampering is found, the customer should be notified that it is not warrantable under Chrysler's warranty program.

The following figures and bullet points will assist the technician in determining if a pump has been tampered with.

The areas to inspect for tampering are: High RPM Stop - Inspect tin/lead seal (older models) or plastic ring (newer models) around lock nut.

Figure 1 shows the left side of the injection pump.

Figure 2 shows the left rear quarter view of the injection pump.

The seal should be intact with no evidence of removal (Figure 3).

Safety Wired Cap - Inspect safety wire and tin/lead seal. The wire should be intact with seal attached. On occasion the seal may be missing due to vibration, but the safety wire will be intact and not disturbed. If the wire is disturbed, there will be evidence of fraying or improper reinstallation along with witness marks from the paint that has been disturbed (Figure 4 and 5).

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