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Warranty Extension for Vacuum Components on 1995-1996 Diesel Rams
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From: J&L Warranty Newsletter May 1999
Regarding: Warranty Bulletin D-97-10 May 1997

Extension of affected vacuum operated components on 1995 & 1996 Ram Trucks with 5.9L diesel engine.

The warranty extension on these vehicles applies to quite a long list of LOP'S. The coverage was extended to 7 years and no mileage limitation.

This warranty extension is in conjunction with Recall #720 (see also TSB 24-16-96) involving the installation of a check valve on the engine vacuum pump and the replacement of the brake booster vacuum hose. The recall has two LOP's involved, the first is for an inspection only and the second for replacement of the valve and hose. So, it is possible to see these vehicles return for recall again. However, the VIP recall Information area may show that recall #720 has already been done, but keep in mind that it may have been inspected and now require parts replacement.

Also, the VIP Warranty Coverage Summary does NOT note the 7 year/unlimited miles Vacuum component extension. But, running repair coverage on the LOP using function 72 or VIP will show a 7/unlimited covered operation.

The 1995 and 1996 Ram Diesel engine is designated code 'C' in the eighth digit of the VIN. The affected trucks were built from July 10, 1995 through July 1, 1996.

The 7 year/unlimited covered LOP's and LOP descriptions are listed below:

Remember, the warranty is on the vehicle and owners were notified in mid-May of 1997. Therefore, there could be new vehicle owners that are unaware of this unique situation. Repairs that are related to the failure of these vacuum LOP's listed above, or the 720 Recall are reimbursable.

Therefore, there could be new vehicle owners that are unaware of this unique situation. Repairs that are related to the failure of these vacuum LOP's listed above, or the 720 Recall are reimbursable. Related failures that are out of 3/36 warranty and beyond your goodwill parameters must have DM or Zone involvement. They will have to be submitted with 3/36 covered LOP"s, not the Bulletin LOP'S, and will require authorization. Strong cause and correction documentation should appear on the repair order.

Repairs that customers have paid for are eligible for reimbursement from Chrysler. Owners are directed to file directly with Chrysler for reimbursement to the address on page 2 of D-97-10. Keep in mind that dealer reimbursement will usually result in a 19G (excessive special services) situation and will hold up your dealers money.

Posted to DiRT by Bob Bergevin:

If the build date on the driver door jamb label (lower left of the label marked "...MDH") and it is between MDH 071014 and MDH 070114... July 10, 1995 to July 1, 1996 you need to read on. If not, you are dismissed as well.

Your Ram was built with a vacuum pump driven on the end of the power steering shaft. A diesel does not make vacuum as does a gas engine. Vacuum is really necessary to operate several convenience items on the Ram, like a/c controls, cruise control, power brakes and 4X4 operation. For one reason or another, your ram may have been built without a check valve in the vacuum supply line from the pump, and this allows oil fumes and possible oil vapor from the pump to enter the vacuum system. The oil vapor will have a bad effect on any rubber hoses and other elements in the vacuum system. A TSB was issued in 1996 # 24-16-96, but was converted to a Safety Recall later in 1997. The SAFETY recall #720 was done in June/July, 1997. All current owners were notified to have the vacuum system inspected and one OR BOTH DC labor operations were to be performed on the vacuum system and components. Labor op 09720181 was to"... inspect vacuum check valve", and labor op 09720182 was to "...inspect and install vacuum check valve and/or replace vacuum hose assembly. Any other vacuum operated components must be diagnosed and repaired according to the appropriate service procedures and a separate warranty claim must be filed for reimbursement". So sez DC to its dealers. IN ADDITION, the recall extends the vehicle warranty on all affected vacuum operated components on the vehicle to 7 years unlimited mileage. The Safety recall replaces TSB 24-26-96 as a Safety recall take precedence over a TSB.

Here is the rub... Some dealers performed only the inspection process of the recall and DID NOT examine any of the vacuum system components for contamination by oil fumes. The oil residue that remained in the system was transported to all the components of the vacuum system, and in time, will/may cause damage to the component or cause poor operation of the component. J&L Warranty Newsletter (a service subscribed to by most DC dealers to assist them in getting the correct $ from DC for warranty work) advises dealers to revisit the recall and TSB, and invites them to file repairs now being done on the above vehicles on a DC Warranty Bulletin D-97-10. Included in the J&L notice to dealers, is a list of MANY costly items to replace that ARE covered in the recall. eg, all vacuum motors, all vacuum lines, all controls including all a/c dash controls, all heater controls, power brake unit (if vacuum, some were not), speed control servo, 4X4 controls and the list can go on. If it is part of the vacuum system it is covered for 7 years unlimited mileage.

Now for the other-than-original owners: check with your dealer to see if the recall was completed and when. If not, MAKE HIM DO IT NOW! This is a Safety recall and the NTSB looks poorly on incomplete Safety Recalls! If you have paid to have any repairs done that are part of the vacuum system on a truck IN THAT BUILD PERIOD, you are eligible for reimbursement from DC! You are to file DIRECTLY with DC to the address on the dealers form D-97-10 page 2, issued to dealers May 1997. MAKE SURE YOUR RAM IS IN THAT WINDOW OF BUILDING, MDH 071014 TO 070114, July 10, 1995 to July 1, 1996. Mine is in there and the dealer worked 10 hours changing vacuum hardware and billed DC over $1000 for the recall!

Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this TSB information

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