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TSB 03-02-98

Axle lubricants and sealing requirements for the 8 1/4 and 9 1/2 axles

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Date: Apr 3, 1998 - 

Models: 1998 BR/BE Ram Truck

1998 (AB) Ram Van
1998 (AN) Dakota
1998 (BR/BE) Ram Truck
1998 (DN) Durango
1998 (XJ) Cherokee


With the 1998 model year, the axle lube in the 8 1/2 and 9 1/4 axles was changed in formulation to improve fuel economy.  When adding lube or if service is performed that requires new lube, use 75W90 part # 5010320AA.

This lube is more aggressive toward RTV sealants than previously used axle lubes.  When resealing the axle cover, using proper sealing material to minimize any potential fluid foaming and/or seal breakdown is important.  Currently the only recommended sealing material for all axle covers or transmission pans is Mopar RTV Sealant, gray in color, part # 82300234.


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Thanks to Bob Bergevin for providing this TSB information

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