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TSB 08-09-98

Driver Side Power Mirror Vibrates While Driving

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 Date:  Mar 13, 1998

This bulletin supersedes TSB 23-39-97 which should be removed from files.

Models: 1994-1998 BR


Driver side power mirror vibrates or blurred images in driver side mirror while driving


It has been determined that aftermarket bugscreen deflectors can affect mirror vibration and other components.  The Dodge Ram Truck is a highly developed aerodynamic design to minimize wind drag and noise, and provide improved ride, and increased fuel economy. Current bugscreens are designed to interrupt the airflow and disturb it to keep the windshield and vehicle clear of bugs and debris (See Fig 1 and Fig 2).

FIGURE 1 Dodge Ram Truck Normal Air Flow
FIGURE 2 Dodge Ram Truck Abnormal Air Flow
With A Bud Screen Deflector

A number of potential undesirable side effects can occur, such as:

If equipped with a bugscreen deflector, perform diagnosis 1, and if not equipped, perform diagnosis 2.

Diagnosis One:

1. Test drive at freeway speeds to determine if the drivers outside power mirror vibrates or the images are blurred.

2. Remove the bugscreen deflector

3. Test drive again to observe if the vibration is gone. If still present, perform the following repair procedure. If the vibration is no longer present, the root cause of the vibration is the airflow turbulence caused from the bugscreen.


4. If it has been determined that the bugscreen is the root cause of the mirror vibration, the bugscreen should be removed.  A Mopar bugscreen is available part number 82202559, that helps reduce the air turbulence around power mirrors.

Diagnosis Two:

Test drive the vehicle at freeway speeds. If the left, driver side power mirror still vibrates, perform the following repair procedure.

Parts Required:

1(AR)    05010901AA    Reinforcement Bracket, left outside power mirror
3(AR)    00153912         Screw, 0.190-16 X 0.50 in. self tapping
1(AR)    82300234         Mopar RTV sealant
1(AR)    55076489AB    Mirror, power outside

Repair Procedure: :

This bulletin involves installing a power mirror support bracket into the driver side mirror flag or installing a revised power mirror assembly.  

1. Release the door latch and open the door.

2. Roll the window down.

3. Remove the window crank (Fig 3) if equipped.

4. Remove the screws holding the door trim panel to the door from inside armrest pull cup (Fig 4).

5. If equipped, disengage the clips that hold the power window/lock switch panel to the door trim panel (Fig 5). Disengage wire connectors from the switch panel.

6. Remove screw holding door trim to the outside mirror frame.

7. Using a trim panel removal tool, disengage the clips that hold the door trim to door around the perimeter of trim panel.

8. While holding the bottom of the trim panel away from the door, simultaneously lift upward and forward to separate the door trim panel from the door.

9. Separate the door trim panel from the inner belt weatherstrip.

10. Disengage the outside mirror wire connector from the control switch.

11. Remove the door trim panel.

NOTE: Continue with step 12 for 1994-1997 vehicles. Jump to step 18 for 1998 vehicles.

12. Remove the foam seal from the mirror flag.

13. Remove the bottom two nuts and washers attaching the mirror to the door.

14. Place reinforcement bracket P/N 05010901AA, in position as shown in Figure 6 and install the washers and nuts. Only hand tighten the nuts at this time.

NOTE:  The reinforcement bracket may require some force to install due to the lack of clearance provided.

15. Drill three (3) 1/8" (3mm) pilot holes into the door that correspond with the holes in the bracket (Fig 6)

16. Tighten the two bottom mirror attaching bolts to 65 in-lbs (7.3 Nm). Apply a small amount of RTV to the three self tapping screws and install the screws.

17. Install the foam seal.

NOTE:   Steps 18 through 26 are for 1998 vehicles only.  Proceed to step 27 for other models.

18. Remove the mirror seal from the inner door panel (Fig 7).

19. Unplug the wire harness connector from the power mirror (Fig 8).

20. Remove the three nuts that secure the power mirror to the inner door panel.

21. Unseat the power mirror wire harness grommet by pushing it out through the hole in the door flag from inside the vehicle.

22. Pull the mirror from the outside of the door while feeding the wire harness, grommet, and connector out through the hole from the inside of the door.

23. Feed the wire harness, grommet, and connector of the new power mirror into the hole from the outside of the door.

24. Secure the grommet into the hole.

24. Secure the mirror with three nuts and tighten the nuts to 65 in-lbs (7.5 Nm).

26. Connect the wire harness connector to the mirror.

27. Attach the mirror flag seal onto the inner door panel.

28. Connect the power mirror wire connector to the control switch.

29. Attach the door trim panel to the door using all retainer clips.

30. Install the screw securing the door trim to to the mirror frame.

31. If equipped, connect the wire harness connector to the power window/lock switch and install the power/lock switch into the door trim panel.

32. Install the screws that secure the door trim panel to the door from inside the arm rest pull cup.

33. If equipped, install the window crank.


Policy: Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty

Time Allowance:
Labor Operation No:
    23-04-21-93      Install Outside Power Mirror Reinforcement Bracket  . . . . .   0.5 Hrs.
                              (1994-1997 Vehicles Only)
     23-04-21-93     Install Outside Power Mirror  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   0.8 Hrs.
                              (1998 Vehciles Only)

Failure Code:   XX - Service Adjustment
                        P8 - New Part

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for providing this TSB information

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