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TSB 18-16-98

Backfire, engine misfire, pre-ignition, rough idle or No 7 cylinder scuffed.

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 Date: Apr 3, 1998

Models: 1995-1997 BR/BE Ram Truck with V-10


some vehicles may exhibit a backfire, engine misfire, or rough idle condition.  This may be caused by pre-ignition in cylinder #7 due to ignition wire cross-firing for cyl 7 and 5.  In severe cases this could cause engine damage as noted in/on cylinder/piston # 7.


The ignition wire tray that routes the wires to the left side of the engine should be inspected to confirm the layout of the ignition wires.


If wires 7 and 5 are lying next to each other, the layout of the wires must be changed in the pattern shown. (the figure illustrates the cross section of the wire tray for the left engine side with wires to 3, 7,9,5,3 and 1. If you can picture the cross section with the front side of the engine on the right, the upper tray should be (from l to r) 7-9-5 and the lower tray should be  (l to r)  3-1 .

   It should end up looking like:                           (7) (9) (5)
                                                                               (3) (1)    > to front of engine

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Thanks to Bob Bergevin for providing this TSB information

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