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TSB 18-48-98

Ignition System Cross Fire/Secondary Ignition Wire Induction

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Date: December 30, 1998

Models: 1994-1999 BR/BE Ram
Note: applies to vehicles with 3.9L, 5.2L and 5.9L engines (gas)

1994 - 1999 (AN) Dakota
1994 - 1999 (BR/BE) Ram Truck
1998 - 1999 (DN) Durango
1995 - 1999 (XJ) Cherokee
1994 - 1999 (ZJ) Grand Cherokee

Symptoms: some vehicles may exhibit one or more of these symptoms:


Using the Mopar Diagnostic System (MDS/MDS2)  or the Diagnostic Scan Tool (DRB III), verify that all engine/transmission systems are functioning as designed. If other DTC's are present, repair as necessary before proceeding with this bulletin.   If no other DTC's are present and the above symptoms have been reported by the customer, perform the repair procedure.

NOTE: This rerouting procedure should be performed before any other misfire, surge, or spark knock repairs are attempted.


3     56028186    Clip, single wire
2     06503441    Clip, wire to hose (5.2L, 5.9L)
1     04364375    Convolute,  10 ft roll


The repair procedure involves rerouting the coil wires and/or the plug wires to minimize induction effects.
For respective repair instructions, see the V6 version (100KB, 2 Figures) or the V8 version (400KB 10 Figures). NOTE The V8 version is a very large file.

The full TSB which includes both sets of repair instructions is also available.   12 Fig - Total load is 500 KB.

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for providing this TSB information

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