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TSB 21-10-98 Rev A

5th Gear Repair Procedure

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Date: Sep 25, 1998 - Loss of fifth gear

Models: Models: 1994-1999 BR/BE Ram trucks

Policy: Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Time Allowance:
Fifth Gear Nut removal and Installation - 4X2 ..... 2.5 Hrs.
Fifth Gear Nut removal and Installation - 4X4 ..... 3.4 Hrs.
Add 0.2 Hrs for skid plate.


1      04741551            Gear, nut
1      05013887AA      Nut, clamp, package
                                    1    Clamp nut assy
                                    1    Spring disc washer
                                    1    Loctite #272
1      04897150AA       Cleaner, Mopar Brake Parts
4      04874459            Lubricant, Mopar manual transmission (this is Castrol Syntorque)
1      04318031            Adhesive, Mopar lock and seal
1      04318083            Maker, Mopar gasket  (Silicone Rubber Gasket material)

NOTE: An improved output shaft, gear, and nut is available from Standard Transmission. This revised shaft is fully splined to reduce the 5th gear vibration that pounds the nut loose. All of the special tools are available from SPX Miller but if your gear is loose the only one you will probably need is the nut wrench - special tool 6743. The other tools can be improvised.


This procedure involves installing a new fifth gear, spring disc washer, and a revise fifth gear clamp nut.

NOTE: Instructions run for 12 pages. I have posted the figures so people can see the special tools required and the scope of the procedure. Dave


  1. Shift transmission into neutral.
  2. Raise vehicle on appropriate hoist.
  3. Remove skid plate (if equipped)
  4. Place a drain pan under transmission.
  5. Remove PTO cover bottom bolt and drain lubricant into a pan (fig 1)
  6. Using marker, mark a line across the rear axle pinion yoke and the rear propeller shaft yoke for installation reference
  7. If equipped with 2 piece prop shaft, mark outline of center bearing on frame crossmember for installation reference. Then remove bolts that attach center bearing to support bracket (fig 2).
      Figure 1 Figure 2
  8. Remove the bolts holding U-joint clamp to pinion yoke.
  9. Slide slip yoke off transmission/transfer case output shaft and remove rear prop shaft. If vehicle is not a 4X4, jump to step 21.
  10. Mark line across front prop shaft yoke at transfer case and prop shaft yoke at rear front prop shaft.
  11. Mark line across front prop shaft yoke at front of front prop shaft and front pinion shaft yoke.
  12. Remove universal strap bolts at front pinion shaft yoke (fig 3).  
  13. Remove bolts holding prop shaft to transfer case yoke flange.
  14. Remove front prop shaft.
  15. Disconnect vent hose and vacuum harness at transfer case switch.
  16. Disconnect transfer case shift linkage at transfer case range lever. Then remove transfer case shift mechanism from transmission.
  17. Support transfer case with transmission jack and secure the case to the jack with safety chains.
  18. Remove transfer case attaching nuts.
  19. Move transfer case rearward until T-case input shaft clears transmission output shaft.
  20. Lower T-case assembly and move it from underneath the vehicle.
  21. Support the transmission with a jack.
  22. Remove bolts attaching transmission mount to rear crossmember.
  23. Remove bolts attaching exhaust pipe hanger to transmission.
  24. Remove 8 bolts that attach the extension/adapter housing to the gear case (fig 4).
     Figure 3 Figure 4
  25. Remove extension/adapter housing.
  26. If equipped, remove rubber spline seal from end of mainshaft (fig 5) and discard. The seal is mainly used to prevent lubricant loss during shipping and does not need to be replaced.
  27. Install nut wrench special tool 6743 onto 5th gear nut (fig 6). Be sure wrench is fully engaged in nut slots and is not cocked.
  28. Position the small end of nut wrench at approximately the 10 o'clock position (fig 6).
  29. Install splined socket Special Tool 6993 (4X2) or 6984 (4X4) onto the mainshaft. Then install a breaker bar onto the splined socket. Wedge the breaker bar so that the mainshaft cannot turn while loosening the 5th gear nut (fig 7).
  30. Strike the small end of nut wrench with a heavy soft face hammer to break the nut loose. During assembly, the nut was torqued to 300 ft-lb. In addition, it is secured by an interference thread plus loctite adhesive and will require several firm blows to loosen it. Once the nut is loose, it can be removed by holding the nut wrench with a breaker bar and rotating the output shaft with the spline socket and the breaker bar (fig 7).
  31. Remove the roll pins that secure the countershaft fifth gear gear fork to the shift rail with a pin punch (fig 8). Drive the roll pins from the bottom of the fork and not the top.
    Figure 7  Figure 8
  32. Remove the snap ring that secures the fifth gear clutch hub and gear onto the countershaft (fig 9).
  33. Remove fifth gear shift fork, gear and hub, and synchronizer components as an assembly. Remove assembly by tapping shift fork off rail with a plastic mallet.
  34. Remove countershaft fifth gear needle bearing assembly and the cone shaped rear bearing thrust washer from the end of the countershaft. Note the position of the washer for assembly reference. Also note that the washer bore has a notch for a retaining pin.
  35. Remove and retain thrust washer locating pin from countershaft.
  36. Remove fifth gear from the mainshaft using puller Special Tool Set 6444 and the following procedures.
    1. Position first half of puller jaw Special Tool 6820 onto fifth gear (fig 10).
        Figure 9  Figure 10
    2. Assemble puller flange Special Tool 6444-1 and puller rods Special Tool 6444-3 for 4X2 models or 6444-4 for 4X4 models (fig 11).
    3. Slide assembled puller flange and rods onto output shaft. Then seat flange in notch of puller jaw.
    4. Position second puller jaw Special Tool 6820 onto gear and the notch on the puller flange.
    5. Slide retaining collar Special Tools 6444-8 over puller jaws to hold them in place (fig 12).
        Figure 11 Figure 12
    6. Install puller and bolt (Special Tool 6444) onto puller rods. Then secure puller to rods with the retaining nuts (fig 13).
    7. Tighten puller bolt to remove gear from shaft splines.
  37. Clean the mainshaft threads with a wire brush.
  38. Clean the mating surface of the extension/adapter housing and the gear case with Mopar Brake Parts Cleaner p/n 04897150AA.
  39. Install new fifth gear onto the mainshaft. Use installer Special Tool 6446 to seat the gear onto the mainshaft (fig 14). Gear is seated when it contacts the rear bearing.
    Figure 13 Figure 14
  40. Clean the threads of the new fifth gear nut and the mainshaft with Mopar Brake Parts Cleaner.
  41. Install the new spring disc washer onto the mainshaft. The concave side of the washer must be positioned toward the fifth gear (fig 15)
  42. Apply Loctite #272 to the threads of the nut.
  43. **Carefully slide the nut over the mainshaft splines up to the threaded portion of the mainshaft but do not engage the threads at this time. The flat side of the nut must face towards fifth gear and the concave washer (fig 16).
  44. Tighten the cross bolt until the gap in the fifth gear clamp nut assembly is closed.
  45. Back the cross bolt out one full turn.
  46. Install nut wrench Special Tool 6743 onto the fifth gear nut.
  47. Install splined socket Special Tool 6993 (4X2) or 6984 (4X4) onto the output shaft and attach a breaker bar to the splined socket. While holding the fifth gear nut with the nut wrench, tighten the fifth gear nut until it bottoms onto the fifth gear spring disc washer. Then install a high capacity torque wrench onto the fifth gear nut wrench and torque the nut to 270-280 ft lb (366-380 Nm).
  48. Tighten the cross bolt on the fifth gear nut. Torque bolt to 8-10 ft lb (11-14 Nm).
  49. Install the fifth gear synchronizer thrush washer pin into the countershaft bore (fig 17).  
  50. Install the fifth gear synchronizer thrust washer onto the countershaft. The flat side of the washer faces the rear of the transmission (fig 17). Turn the washer until the pin engages into the thrust washer notch.
  51. Lubricate the fifth gear needle bearing with Mopar NV 4500 Transmission Lubricant p/n 04874459 and install the bearing onto the countershaft.
  52. Install fifth gear shift fork, gear and hub, and synchronizer components as an assembly onto the countershaft and shift rail.
  53. Install clutch gear snap ring (fig 9).
  54. Align roll pin holes in shift fork with notches in shift lug rail. Then install roll pins from top side of fork.
  55. Verify that the alignment dowels in gear case and extension/adapter housing are in their proper position and are fully seated.
  56. Apply Mopar Gasket Maker to the gear case and extension/adapter housing mating surfaces.
  57. Align and install the extension/adapter housing onto the gear case.
  58. Apply Mopar Lock N' Seal p/n 04318031 to the threads of the extension/adapter housing bolts.
  59. Install and tighten the housing bolts to 40 ft lb (54 Nm).
  60. Continue reassemble procedures using Steps 1 through 23 in reverse order.
  61. Once the transmission has been fully assembled, fill the transmission with 8 pints of Mopar NV4500 Transmission Lubricant.

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for providing this TSB information

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