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TSB 23-17-98

Center armrest driver side hinge cover broken.

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Date: May 1, 1998

Models: 1994-98 BR/BE Ram


the center armrest upper inertia latch cover (driver side hinge cover) is broken.


Inspect the center armrest inertia latch hinge/cover (fig 1) on the driver's side of the armrest at the rear flange for a cracked or broken part.  If the upper strap becomes bent, broken, cracked, or comes out of the track, there may be resistance when raising and lowering the armrest.

Repair: Install a inertia latch cover,  part # 04773419.

  1. Move the driver side seat fully forward with the seat back forward.
  2. Place center arm rest in up position.
  3. Remove screw securing cover to inertia latch.
  4. Disengage front edge of cover, then lower center arm rest.
  5. Remove inertia latch cover by pulling the cover rearward (fig 1) NOTE: THE COVER IS EQUIPPED WITH A SLIT TO AID IN COVER REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION.
  6. Slide new inertia latch cover onto the latch arm.
  7. Raise armrest, then engage the front edge of the cover.
  8. Install the lower strap into the center armrest's lower track (fig 2).  Slide back armrest trim to visually confirm that lower strap is properly installed into track.
  9. Cycle armrest to ensure that strap moves freely in track.
  10. Install upper strap into armrest's upper track (fig 3)
  11. Slowly cycle armrest to ensure that strap moves freely in track.
  12. Secure inertia latch cover with screw and torque to 35 in-lb.
  13. Check cover to ensure it is inside the trim.


Policy:    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for providing this TSB information

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