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TSB 03-06-99

Low Speed Squeak-Like Sound Coming From The Front Axle

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Date: Oct 29, 1999

Models: 1999 - 2000 (BR) Ram Truck

NOTE: THIS BULLETIN APPLIES TO 1500 SERIES VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH A 216 FBI (DANA M44) FRONT AXLE AND FOUR WHEEL DRIVE.   Most 2000 models build after September 1, 1999 probably do not have these seals.

This bulletin involves the modification of both front axle excluder seals. 

The vehicle may exhibit a squeak, squeal, or whine-like sound coming from the front axle area. This sound may occur during low speeds of 5 to 15 MPH (8 to 24 KPH), and at either or both ends of the front axle. This sound may be due to the axle shaft excluder seal(s) making contact with the axle housing as the axle shaft rotates. This sound may not be present during damp or rainy driving conditions or if lubricant has been applied to the axle excluder seal(s).

If the vehicle exhibits the above condition then perform the Repair Procedure. 


1.    Raise and support the vehicle using a double post lift. This will allow the front axle to be suspended from the vehicle. The technician may prefer to turn the front wheels to improve access to the axle shaft excluder seal.

2.    Locate the axle shaft excluder seal. Note the molded-in groove or channel around the perimeter of the excluder seal and near the lip of the seal. Figure 1. (Dealer's printout didn't show this Figure 1)

3.    Using a sharp knife, or equivalent, place the knife blade in the molded-in groove, approximately 5 mm (.188 inches) back from the lip of the seal, and cut the excluder seal around its entire perimeter.

4.    Remove the excess seal material using needle-nose pliers.

5.    Perform Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to the excluder seal on the other end of the front axle shaft.

6.    Lower the vehicle.


Policy: Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty

  Time Allowance:
Labor Operation No:  02-60-45-90 . . . . . . 0.3 Hrs

Failure Code:  
XX    Service Adjustment

More From Jeremy:     Apparently there is a rubber dust boot on each wheel on 4x4's which had (according to the service manager) "dried out", and was causing the squealing. He mentioned that there was a bulletin that described the problem, and said the solution was to simply remove all the boots. The service manager did say that these boots were a new thing for my model year

From: Aaron Wood:   This TSB mentions that there are dust-boots on the 99 or 00 model M44 axles. These were not installed on my truck which was built in September of 1999.

Thanks to Jeremy Howell for supplying this TSB information

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