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TSB 05-11-99

Revised Power Brake Booster Check Valve

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Date: Dec. 31, 1999

Models: 1994-1996 (BR/BE) Ram Trucks

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with the 5.9L Cummins diesel engine.


A revised power brake booster check valve P/N 05011393AA has been released for service. The new check valve replaces performance has been improved by changing the flapper style check valve to a spring loaded style check valve. The spring loaded style check valve performance is superior especially in vehicles that utilize mechanical vacuum pumps to provide the vacuum source to operate the brake booster. Part number 05011393AA should be used anytime the power brake booster check valve is serviced on the subject model vehicles.

The new part should be used when the vacuum check valve on diesel models are serviced.  


Policy:   Information Only.

From Bob B.:   

DC expects this one to provide more secure service with the mechanical vacuum pumps found ONLY with the Cummins engine.

 It appears that after some time reading this list (DiRT mail list), that there are several Ram owners who are less than pleased with the action of power brake boosters in their diesels. Mine seems to be fine, but, if yours is not, DC will not pay for the repair this late in the calendar, but you might desire to pay the $ for the better service and perhaps better safety after a couple of stops...


Thanks to Bob Bergevin for supplying this TSB information

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