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Customer Satisfaction Notice #820

Owner Manual Update - Trailer and Accessory Light Wiring

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Issued July 1999

Models: 1994-1997 (BR) Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 Series Trucks

NOTE.- This notification applies only to the above trucks built through October 21, 1996 (MDH 1021XX).


The enclosed owner's manual update letter provides additional information to prevent headiamp switch failure for those owners who wish to add trailer and/or accessory lighting to the trucies headiamp switch circuit. DaimlerChrysler recommends that owners purchase the appropriate wiring harness and relay, from their local dealer, to accommodate added lighting. Dealers are requested to enclose a copy of the owner notification letter in each affected vehicle in dealer stock before retail delivery.

Part Number Application  
82400961 1994 BR - All, and
  1995-1996 BR - Cab and Chassis
82204724 1995-1996 BR - Equipped with Pick-up box, and
  1997 BR - All

Refer to the Mopar Accessories Catalog for the appropriate wiring and relay part numbers to add accessory lighting to the vehicle.

Attached Letter:

Daimler Chrysler


Dear Ram 1500 or 2500 Truck Owner:

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to DaimierChrysler. Because of this, owners of some 1994 through early 1997 model year Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 trucks are being provided with additional owner's manual information regar.ding trailer lighting and add-on accessory lighting. Some examples of add- on accessory lighting include.afterrnarket fog lamps, clearance lamps, light bars, illuminated running boards, etc.

When properly wired with the use of a relay, adding trailer lighting and/or accessory lighting to your trucies headlamp circuit will not cause any problems. Trucks ordered from the factory with a trailer tow package (sales code AHC) were built with a special wiring harness that includes a relay to accommodate trailer lighting.

Your truck should not-have additional lighting wired directly through the headlamp switch without the use of a relay. Doing so could result in abnormally high electrical current draw through the headlamp switch, which may cause it to overheat and fail. A failed headlamp switch may lead to the loss of headlamp and/or parklarnp operation.

If you wish to add lighting to your truck's headlamp circuit, DaimlerChrysler recommends that you purchase the appropriate wiring harness and relay from your local dealer.

Please keep this letter with your owner's manual for future reference. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Customer Services Field Operations
DaimierChrysier Corporation

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for supplying this TSB information

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