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TSB 08-16-00

Front Door Speaker Buzz

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Date: : April 28, 2000

Models: 1994 - 2000 (BR/BE) Ram Truck

This bulletin involves installing a urethane foam pad between the inner door panel and the door trim.

Buzz noise coming from the front door speaker(s). The noise may be more noticeable while listening to “talk” radio segments with deep male voices.

Tune the radio to “talk” radio program preferably with male voices. Adjust the equalizer to achieve maximum bass tones, if equipped. If noise can be isolated to the front door speakers, or the owner describes noise in the front door speaker, perform the Repair Procedure.

Parts Required: 
2    05018968AA    Kit, Foam
AR (26)   06505878AA Clips, Door Trim Attaching

Repair Procedure:

1. Roll the window(s) down.

2. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable. On vehicles equipped with a diesel engine, disconnect and isolate both battery negative cables.

3. On vehicles equipped with a manual window regulator, remove the window crank (Figure 1).

4. Remove the screw that attaches the trim panel to the outside mirror frame (Figure 2).



5. Remove the screws that attach the pull cup to the door.

6. Using a trim panel removal tool such as Snap On tool A161B, disengage the trim panel retaining clips from the door. Base models, have eleven trim panel retaining clips (clips 12 and 13 not used) and premium models have thirteen (Figure 3). It is very important that a trim panel tool is used to separate each retaining clip from the door.

7. While holding the bottom of the trim panel away from the door, simultaneously lift upward and inboard to detach the trim panel from the door.

8. Peel the protective backing from the foam (from Foam Kit p/n 05018968AA) and place the foam onto the inner door panel trim as shown in Figure 4.

9. Remove all door trim panel retaining clips.

10. Install new door trim panel retaining clips p/n 06505878AA onto the door trim panel.

11. Position the trim panel onto the door.

12. Engage all door trim panel attaching clips around the perimeter of the trim panel, attaching trim panel to the inner door.

13. Install the screws securing the pull cup to the inner door panel.

14. Install the screw attaching the trim panel to the outside mirror frame.

15. Install the window crank, if equipped.

16. Perform Steps 3 through 15 to the other door trim panel.

17. Connect the battery negative cable(s) and reset the clock.

18. Roll the windows up.

POLICY:   Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Time Allowance:
Labor Operation No:  23-20-22-92 ............................................... 0.4 Hrs.

Failure Code:  C2 - Panel Interference

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for supplying this TSB information

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