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Installing Aftermarket Engine Performance Enhancing
Modification Packages Or Components

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Date: October, 2000

Involved Vehicles: All


This bulletin is intended to clarify DaimlerChrysler Motors Corporation's warranty coverage policy on vehicles equipped with after-market engine performance enhancing modification packages or components.  Although this applies to all vehicles,  Dodge Ram Pickup trucks equipped with the Cummins diesel engine are particularly susceptible to performance enhancing kits.

Section 3.7 of the Dodge Ram Pickup warranty Information booklet states  "Your warranties don't cover the costs of repairing damage or conditions caused by . . . any changes made to your truck that don't comply with DaimlerChrysler Motors Corporation or DaimlerChrysler Corporation specifications."  This section also states that warranties do not cover  "tampering with the emission systems,  or with a part that could affect the emission systems".

Unless certified,  engine performance modification components violate both statements under the warranty terms. Therefore,  prior to beginning repairs to any vehicle equipped,  or suspected of being equipped with a performance enhancing modification,  it is important to determine whether the needed repairs are a direct result of the kit.  If so,  they are the customer's responsibility.  Keep in mind that the performance modifications may cause damage to non-engine components,  such as transmissions,  axles,  electrical components,  etc.  Claims submitted for repairs not covered by the warranty are subject to chargeback.

Also remember that dealership installation of such modification components or packages at any time,  as well as the sale of vehicles modified with such components before delivery,  may violate state and/or Federal emission regulations that carry substantial fines.

K.A Murrenus
Senior Manager
Warranty Administration

Thanks to David Lovell for supplying this TSB information

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