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Ram failure to start (Engine will not crank) Due To A Blown Fuse
See Also TSB 08-01-00

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Date: 01/07/00

Involved Vehicles: 2000/2001 BR/BR Ram Truck

2000 (AB) Ram Van/Wagon
2000 ? 2001 (BR/BE) Ram Truck


Vehicle will not start (engine will not crank) due to blown starter relay circuit fuse.

Parts Required:

1  -  04687835    Fuse, 25 Amp


A change in the starter relay circuit occurred on model year 2000 Ram Van/Wagons and 2000-2001 Ram Trucks which changed the wire size to an 18 gauge wire, and reduced the fuse size to 20 amps. It has been determined that the starter circuit requires a larger size fuse in order to function properly. However, due to the smaller 18 AWG wire, the maximum fuse size allowed for the subject models' started relay circuit CANNOT exceed 25 amps.

A TSB is being developed to address the problem and is to be released soon. The TSB provides the proper repair procedure for installation of the a 25 amp fuse.

Any customer who experiences a blown fuse in the starter relay circuit should have the 20 amp fuse replaced with a 25 amp mini fuse part # 04687835 on a temporary basis.

Repair Procedure:

The starter relay fuse is located in the fuse block on Ram Van/Wagons and is fuse number 17

On Ram Trucks, the starter relay circuit fuse is located in the Power Distribution Center (PDC) and is fuse "D".

Remove the 20 amp fuse and replace it with a 25 amp fuse as described.


Be sure to follow up with the correct TSB when it is issued.

The 18 gauge wire will support a MAXIMUM fuse size of 25 amps. Do not install a larger fuse!

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for supplying this TSB information

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