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TSB 09-003-01

Engine Oil Additives/Supplements

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Date: May 4, 2001

Models: All (BR/BE) Ram Truck

2001   (AB) Ram Van/Wagon
2001   (AN) Dakota
2001   (BR/BE) Ram Pickup
2001   (DN) Durango
2001   (JR) Sebring Sedan/Stratus Sedan/Sebring Convertible
2002   (KJ) Liberty
2001   (LH) Concorde/Intrepid/LHS/300M
2001   (PL) Neon
2001   (PR) Prowler
2001   (PT) PT Cruiser
2001   (RG) Chrysler Voyager (International Markets)
2001   (RS) Town & Country/Caravan/ Voyager
2001   (SR) Viper
2001   (ST) Seebring Coupe
2001   (TJ) Wrangler
2001   (WG) Grand Cherokee (International Markets)
2001   (WJ) Grand Cherokee
2001   (XJ) Cherokee

NOTE: This bulletin applies to all DaimleChrysler models / engines built before and after the 2001 model year.


Engine oil additives/supplements (EOS) should not be used to enhance engine oil performance. Engine oil additives/supplements should not be used to extend engine oil change intervals. No additive is known to be safe for engine durability and can degrade emission components. Additives can contain undesirable materials that harm the long term durability of engines by:

Generally it is not desirable to mix additive packages from different suppliers in the crankcase; there have been reports of low temperature of low temperature engine failures caused by additive package incompatibility with such mixtures.


Policy:    Information Only


What does this TSB mean? Use a quality oil that meets the API and viscosity specifications for your engine, and forget the mouse milk additives! Also - do not mix different brands of oil in your crankcase.

Thanks to Thompson Chrysler for supplying this TSB information

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