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TSB 14-001-02 Rev A

Fuel Cap Difficult To Remove

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Date: Oct 7, 2002

Models: 2002 (BR/BE, DR) Ram Truck

2002 (AB)        Ram Van/Wagon
2002 (AN)       Dakota
2002 (BR/BE)  Ram Truck
2002 (DR)        Ram Truck
2002 (DN)       Durango
2002 (JR)         Sebring/Sebring Convertible/Stratus
2002 (KJ)         Liberty
2002 (LH)        300M/Concord/Intepid
2002 (PG)        Chrysler PT Cruiser (international Markets)
2002 (PL)        Neon
2002 (PT)        Chrysler PT Cruiser
2002 (RG)        Town & Country (international Markets)
2002 (RS)        Town & Country/Voyager/Caravan
2002 (TJ)         Wrangler
2002 (WG)      Grand Cherokee (International Markets)
2002 (WJ)       Grand Cherokee

This bulletin involves installing a revised fuel cap seal.

Fuel cap is difficult to remove after being tightened and not removed for one day or more. If the cap is removed immediately after tightening the condition may not be apparent.

If the vehicle operator describes the condition, perform the Repair Procedure.

Parts Required:
Qty. Part No. Description
AR (1) 52102464AB Fuel Cap - AB, DN, KJ, RS, WJ
AR (1) 05015636AB Kit, Fuel Cap - JR, KJ, LH, PL, PT, RG and WJ
(international markets)
AR (1) 05278632AC Fuel Cap - AN, BR/BE, DR, JR, PG, PL, PT
AR (1) 05278632AD Fuel Cap - LJ
AR (1) 52100552AC Fuel Cap - TJ

Repair Procedure: 

1.    Remove the fuel cap from the filler neck

2.    Remove the fuel cap tether attachment from the body.

3.    Discard the old cap assembly.

4.    Clean off any residue on the filler neck and the threaded area of the fuel cap.

4.    Install the tether of the new the fuel cap assembly to the body.

5.    Install the fuel cap.

Policy:    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Time Allowance:
Labor Operation No:  14-60-05-95 Replace fuel filler cap ....................0.2 Hrs.

Failure Code:  P8 - New Part

I would like to thank Bob Bergevin, Arthur Cantrall, Barry Drodge, David Lovell, Bill Maurits, and Steve for supplying the information for these bulletins. And a big thank you goes to Geno's Garage for making possible.

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