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TSB 23-002-02

Hood Distortion/Low Spots

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Date: Jan. 21, 2002

Models: 2002 (DR) Ram Truck 1500

This bulletin Involves heating the surfaces of the hood to soften and relax the adhesive holding the inner and outer hood panels together.

Hood distortion in the form of low spots may be present due to improper curing of an adhesive used on the inner hood reinforcement. The low spots will be in the area shown (Fig. 1).

Inspect the hood for low spots (Fig. 1).The hood must be closed and latched as the low spots may not be visible without the additional pressure of the hood latch and stops. If the low spots are present, perform the Repair Procedure.

Equipment Required:
Heat Gun Pentastar Service Equipment (PSE) W-PH1200 or equivalent

Repair Procedure: 
Make sure that the hood is closed and latched. Using a heat gun, carefully apply heat to the low spot and the surrounding area using circular motions, making sure to avoid damaging the paint. Slowly continue applying heat until ft adhesive softens, The low spot will pop up when the adhesive softens. Repeat this procedure for additional low spots, if present.

1 - Adhesive Locations - Under Hood

Policy:    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Time Allowance:
Labor Operation No:  23-85-21-90  Hood - Repair ....................0.3 Hrs.

Failure Code:  XX - Service Adjustment

Thanks to David Lovell for supplying this TSB information

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