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TSB 14-002-05

Inactive Throttle Body In Cold Ambient Temperatures

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Date: March 17, 2005   

Models: 2003 - 2005 (DR) Ram Truck

This bulletin involves replacing the throttle body.

Customers may experience any of the following Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) system symptoms at start up in extreme cold ambient temperatures (Below 0° F (minus 18°C)):

Partial Return From Cold Start Fast Idle
No RPM Increase When Accelerator Pedal Is Moved
Diagnostic Trouble Code 21 1 0 - Throttle Actuator Control System - Forced Limited RPM
Diagnostic Trouble Code 21 1 8 - Throttle Actuator Control Motor - Current Range/Performance

If a customer indicates that they have experienced the condition, perform the Repair Procedure.

Parts Required:
Qty. Part No. Description
1 05161805AA Throttle Body - 2003/2004
1 05174079AA Throttle Body - 2005

Repair Procedure: 

1. Using the procedures outlined on TechCONNECT, remove the throttle body and install the appropriate throttle body listed in the Parts Required section.

Policy:    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Time Allowance:

Labor Operation No:   Description Amount
14-30-01-95 Replace Throttle Body 0.3 Hrs.

Failure Code:

P8        New Part

I would like to thank Bob Bergevin, Arthur Cantrall, Barry Drodge, David Lovell, Bill Maurits, and Steve for supplying the information for these bulletins. And a big thank you goes to Geno's Garage for making possible.


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