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TSB 18-001-06

StarSCAN®/StarMOBILE™ Abort Recovery Procedures

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Date: January 11, 2006 

Models: 2006 (DR/DH/D1) Ram Truck

2006             (DR/DH/D1) Ram Truck
2004 - 2006 (HB) Durango
2006             (KJ) Liberty/Cherokee
2005 - 2006 (LX/LE) 300/Magnum/Charger
2005 - 2006 (ND) Dakota
2006            (PT) PT Cruiser
2005 - 2006 (WK/WH) Grand Cherokee
2006            (XK/XH) Commander

This Bulletin provides guidelines to minimize flash reprogramming problems and recovery
procedure information for failed flash attempts.

NOTE: Many of the reasons a flash reprogramming procedure may not complete are
documented in this service bulletin.

Occasionally a flash update procedure may not complete properly and/or the diagnostic
equipment may lock up or become disconnected during the procedure. Flash
Reprogramming is a "CRITICAL PROCESS"; an error may result in a no-start/failed
control module. Most modules, encountering an interruption or failure while
reprogramming, are recoverable. Replacing a module that is recoverable is not covered
under the provisions of the warranty.

This service bulletin covers items that may cause this condition, a process to restart the
flash procedure, and miscellaneous information that will help prevent unnecessary
replacement of control modules.

Flash Reprogramming is only authorized when programming a generic module or by a
specific SERVICE ACTION (Service Bulletin/Recall/Rapid Response Transmittal/Advance
Service Information).

CAUTION: When updating a module because of a Service Action, it is important to
follow the steps outlined in the Repair Procedure section of the Service
Action. Procedures may differ depending on the module that is being

Review the entire Service Action prior to performing a flash reprogramming update. Often
other parts may need to be serviced, replaced, or tested, prior to flash reprogramming, and
ARE REQUIRED as part of completing the Service Action.

Interruptions, voltage problems, a variety of other outside interactions, and failure to follow
the steps outlined in the Service Action can potentially interfere with the process. This
document seeks to provide information to minimize problems associated with module flash

Before attempting a flash reprogramming session, make sure you have the most current
software installed in the scan tool (StarSCAN®/StarMOBILE™). Refer to the current
software release information available in TechCONNECT, under: Service Info /
StarSCAN® and StarMOBILE™ Tools / Latest News.

Often, because of multiple StarSCAN®/StarMOBILE™s in the shop, not all will get
updated in a timely manner. The installed StarSCAN®/StarMOBILE™ software version
and scan tool operating system version can be verified as follows:

NOTE: To read the version on the StarMOBILE™, it must be connected and the
application running or the user will receive “N/A” for the “System” value.

The tool will display the current operating system version and software version information.
Be sure the operating system and the software version are matched correctly. Compare
the values to the values on the latest update CD (Fig. 1).

         Fig 1 screen shot

NOTE: If after following the steps above, you are still having issues performing the
flash reprogramming procedure using a specific StarSCAN®/StarMOBILE® it
is suggested you send the StarSCAN®/StarMOBILE™ in question to
SPX/Miller Special Tools for service.

Consider ALL cables to be wear items.
It is a good practice to have dedicated cables devoted to "Flash ONLY".

Always have a spare StarSCAN® CH9404 (vehicle) cable available.

Always have a spare StarMOBILE™ CH9804 (vehicle) cable available (blue cable end).

Diagnosing vehicle cable problems
Inspect vehicle cable connectors for potential problems that might cause communication
interruptions. Use the information available on DealerCONNECT under:

The following steps may help recover a non-responsive module.

Policy:    Information Only

I would like to thank Bob Bergevin, Arthur Cantrall, Barry Drodge, David Lovell, Bill Maurits, and Steve for supplying the information for these bulletins. And a big thank you goes to Geno's Garage for making possible.


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