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TSB 03-001-07

4WD System May Not Engage Or Disengage As Desired With "SERV 4WD" Message

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Date: July 21, 2007  


Models: 2006 - 2007 (DR) Ram Truck (1500)

NOTE: This bulletin applies to light duty 4x4 Ram Trucks built on or before June 01, 2007 (MDH 0601XX).

This bulletin involves replacement of the Front Axle Disconnect (FAD) actuator and
selectively erasing and reprogramming the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) with new software.

The vehicle operator may experience one or more of the following conditions:

A). The four wheel drive (4WD) system may not engage or disengage as designed, when the drive mode is changed between 2WD and either 4WD Auto or 4WD Lock (or back to 2WD from 4WD).

B). An illumination of the "SERV 4WD" message in the Instrument Panel (IP)

C). When four wheel drive (4WD) mode is selected, the amber "4WD" lamp flashes
continuously in the IP signaling that the 4WD system has not been engaged.

D). Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) C1464 - Front Axle Disconnect (FAD) High Side Short To Ground - is present in the TIPM.

This condition may be due to TIPM software and its affect on the FAD actuator mechanism.

1. Set vehicle parking brake. Start vehicle engine and allow to idle.
2. From the StarSCAN Main menu select:
    a. ECU View.
    b. TIPM CGW
    c. Data Display.
    d. Front Axle Disconnect.
    e. Monitor the FAD state: "OFF" or "ON".
3. When the transfer case and FAD are in 2WD mode, the StarSCAN should display an "OFF" reading (state).
    When the transfer case and FAD are in 4WD mode, the StarSCAN should display an "ON" reading (state).

NOTE: The vehicle may need to be moved a small distance to allow FAD and transfer case engagement and disengagement.

4. Cycle the 4WD Control Switch (Transfer Case Switch) from 2WD mode to 4WD mode and back.
    Monitor the FAD state (ON or OFF) as the 4WD Control Switch is moved from one mode to the other mode.
5. Does the FAD state change as it should when the 4WD Control Switch is moved from 2WD mode to 4WD mode and back?
    a. If YES ==> then proceed to the next step.
    b. If NO ==> then perform the Repair Procedure.
6. Is the "SERV 4WD" lamp illuminated and does it remain on?
    a. If YES ==> then proceed to the next step.
    b. If NO ==> then STOP. Further diagnosis is required.
7. Is DTCC 1464 - Front Axle Disconnect (FAD) High Side Short To Ground - present in the TIPM?
    a. If YES ==> then perform the Repair Procedure.
    b. If NO ==> then STOP, Further diagnosis is required.
8. Stop the vehicle engine. Turn the ignition switch to the "OFF" position.

Parts Required:
Qty. Part No. Description
1 52114387AE Actuator, Front Axle Disconnect (includes: gasket and pads)
(AR) 1 05010320AA Synthetic Gear Lubricant - SAE 75W90 GL-5 (MS-9763)

Special Tools/Equipment Required:

NPN    Battery Charger
CH9401       StarSCAN® Tool
CH9404 StarSCAN® Vehicle Cable
CH9409 StarSCAN® Documentation Kit
CH9410 StarSCAN® Ethernet Cable, 12 ft.
CH9412 StarSCAN® Software Update Device Kit
  TechCONNECT PC or equivalent
  Latest StarSCAN® Software Update CD

Repair Procedure: 

1.      Raise the vehicle on a frame lift.
2. Remove the FAD actuator wiring connector
3. Remove the four (4) actuator bolts (Fig. 1).
1 - Front Axle Disconnect (FAD) Actuator
2 - Front Axis And Disconnect Pocket
4. Remove the FAD actuator from the axle disconnect pocket.
NOTE: Inspect the disconnect sleeve, and the output and intermediate axle shaft disconnect gears for damage (chipped or worn). Repair as required. Replacement of the disconnect sleeve, and output or intermediate axle shaft disconnect gears is not addressed by this Service Bulletin.
5. Clean the FAD actuator sealing surface.
6. Verify that the actuator shift fork pads are properly installed.
7. Align the FAD actuator shift fork with the disconnect collar and install the FAD actuator on the axle disconnect pocket.
8. Hand start the four (4) FAD actuator bolts. Tighten bolts in a diagonal pattern to 30 Nm
(22 ft. lbs.).
9. Install the FAD actuator wiring connector.
10. Verify front axle fluid level.
11. Lower vehicle.
12. Verify proper operation of the FAD actuator.
13. Turn the 'ignition switch to the "OFF" position.
14. Proceed to the next section - Reprogram TIPM.


NOTE: Before performing this Repair Procedure, the operating software in the StarSCAN must be programmed with software release level 8.01 or higher. The software release level is visible in the blue header at the top of the
StarSCAN screen.

NOTE: The StarSCAN diagnostic scan tool fully supports Internet connectivity. However, in order to take advantage of this feature you must first configure the StarSCAN for your dealership's network. For instruction on setting up your StarSCAN for the dealer's network; refer to the StarSCAN Quick Start Networking Guide available on the website under the "download center".

NOTE. If this flash process is interrupted/aborted, the flash should be restarted.

1.      . Open the hood and install a battery charger. Using a voltmeter, verify that the charging rate provides 13.2 - 13.5 volts. Set the battery charger to continuous charge. Do not allow the charger to time out during the flash process. Remove the charger from the battery when the flash process is complete.
NOTE: Do not allow the charging voltage to climb above 13.9 volts during the flash process.
2. Connect the CH9410 StarSCAN ethernet cable to the StarSCAN and the dealer's network drop.
3. Connect the CH9404 StarSCAN@ vehicle cable to the StarSCAN@ and the vehicle.
4. Power ON the StarSCAN.
5. Retrieve the old ECU (TIPM) part number. Using the StarSCAN at the "Home" screen:
    a. Select "ECU View"
    b. Touch the screen to highlight the TIPM in the list of modules.
    c. Select "More Options"
    d. Select "ECU Flash".
    e. Record the part number at the top of the "Flash TIPM CGW" screen for later reference.
    f. Select "'Browse for New File". Follow the on screen instructions.
    g. Select "Download to Scantool".
    h. Select "Close" after the download is complete, then select "Back".
    i. Highlight the listed calibration.
    j. Select "Update Controller".
    k. When the TIPM update is complete, select "OK".
NOTE: Due to the TIPM programming procedure, a DTC may be set in other electronic modules within the vehicle. Some DTC's may cause the MIL to illuminate. From the "Home" screen select "System View". Then select "All DTCS". Press "Clear All Stored DTCS" if there are any DTCs shown on the list.

Policy:    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Time Allowance:

Labor Operation No:   Description Amount
18-89-01-15 Replace Front Axle Disconnect (FAD) Actuator and 0.6 Hrs.
Reprogram Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) - (B)
0.6 Hrs.

Failure Code:

ZZ        Service Action

I would like to thank Bob Bergevin, Arthur Cantrall, Barry Drodge, David Lovell, Bill Maurits, and Steve for supplying the information for these bulletins. And a big thank you goes to Geno's Garage for making possible.


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