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Recall Notification #618 
Front Suspension Track Bar
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Date: June, 1994 

Models: 1994 Ram 3500 4X4

1994 Model Year Dodge Ram (BR-Body) 3500 Series 4x4 Trucks Built Through December, 1993 at the Dodge City Assembly Plant ("S" in the 11th position of the VIN)


The front suspension track bar on the listed model vehicles may crack and fail at the area that bands around the differential. If the track bar fails, a front axle vibration may occur and the vehicle may become difficult to control. To correct this condition, a stronger track bar must be installed.

IMPORTANT: Some of the involved vehicles may be in dealer inventory. Federal law requires you to complete this recall service on these vehicles before retail delivery.

Owner Notification and Service Scheduling All involved vehicle owners known to Chrysler are being notified of the service requirement by first class mail. They are requested to schedule appointments for the service with their dealers at the earliest possible date.



1.    Raise the vehicle on a hoist and turn wheels to the full left position for greater access to the track bar frame rail attachment.

2.    Remove the cotter pin and castle nut from the track bar ball stud (Figure 1).

3.    Use special tool no. C-3894-A, or equivalent, to separate the track bar ball stud from the frame rail bracket.

4.    Remove the track bar pivot bolt and flag nut at the front axle bracket, then remove and discard the track bar (Figure 1).

5.    Install the provided track bar at the frame rail bracket and torque the castle nut to 62 ft-lbs. (84 N - m) (Figure 1).

6.    Install the provided cotter pin through the hole in the track bar ball stud and secure by bending the ends of cotter pin around the castle nut.

7.    Install the track bar at the axle bracket and loosely assemble pivot bolt and flag nut.

Note: It may be necessary to pry the axle assembly over to install the track bar pivot bolt at the axle bracket.

8.    Lower the vehicle from the hoist.

9.    With tires on the ground, tighten the track bar pivot bolt at the axis bracket to 130 ft-lbs. (176 N - m) torque (Figure 1).

CAUTION: The vehicle must be at ride height with all weight on the tires when tightening this bolt.

Completion Reporting and Reimbursement

Claims for vehicles which have been serviced must be submitted on the DIAL System. Claims submitted will be used by Chrysler to record recall service completions and provide dealer payments.

Use the following labor operation number and time allowance:

Replace the track bar
Labor Operation Number 02618182
Time Allowance 0.5 Hours

Add the cost of the recall parts package plus applicable dealer allowance to your claim.

Note- See Warranty Policy and Procedure Manual, Chapter 6, Subsection H for complete recall claim processing instructions.

Parts Return Not required.

Vehicle Not Available:
If a vehicle is not available for service for a known reason, let us know by filling out the pre-addressed Vehicle Disposition Form portion of the Owner Notification Form or describe the reason on a postcard and mail to:

Chrysler Corporation 429-10-04
P.O. Box 1919
Detroit, Michigan 48231-1919

Following the above procedures will expedite the processing of your claim. If you have any questions or need assistance in completing this action, please contact your Zone Service Office.

Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this Recall information.

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