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Recall # 748

Fuel tank Rollover valve

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Models: 1994-96 Ram's (BR) with gas engines built through: Problem: Chrysler is recalling 585,000 1994-96 Dodge Ram pickup trucks to replace a fuel tank valve that might allow fuel to leak.  A full fuel tank combined with parking the truck on a grade or in high ambient air temperatures could cause gasoline to leak from a valve that normally allows vapors to escape into an evaporative canister.

Liquid fuel could pass through the fuel tank rollover valve (mounted in the fuel pump module) and fill the evaporative canister.  This could cause drivability problems, fuel odor and/or fuel leakage from the canister.

Repair: The fuel tank MUST be removed for the procedure and this would be an ideal time to replace the fuel filter at the tank IF that is what you want to do.  The recall describes the repair and it involves the tank being removed from the vehicle.  Negotiate a cost for the filter to be changed at the same time.  Should be no more than the cost of the filter.  CC allows 1.1 hours to the dealer for the work.  Be kind to your service staff and bring the vehicle as low on fuel as possible when you get there!

Additional notes:  Tue, 30 Jun 1998 21:14:57 -0400  The rollover valve replacement can be done on some models with a thin hand and a careful tech, or the tank can be dropped (as described in the recall), or a tech can do it the way I saw him do it.  The customer was advised to come in with an empty tank, but this one had brain reversal and came with a full tank.  OSHA being what it is and the difficulty of a full tank of gas to carry, caused this fellow to find another way.  He pulled under an overhead hoist, removed the 6 bolts holding the box on the frame, unhooked the wire harness and lifted the box three feet so he could sit on the rear tire and change the valve from the top!  Done in about 15 minutes!!

Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Mike Demski for supplying this Recall information.

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